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Microsoft warns digital currency owners to be aware of new malware - 0 views

    "The new malware, called Anubis, seems to use code forked from Loki. It steals crypto wallet credentials, credit card details and other valuable information from these Windows users. According to MSI, it first discovered the malware in June in the cybercriminal underground. It has the same name with another potent banking Trojan that has been targeting Android smartphones for months."

Centralized vs Decentralized Storage: Blockchain Changing Storage - 0 views

    "Decentralized storage platforms break apart the users' files and distribute them across multiple nodes on their network. Since the data is scattered across multiple nodes, there is no single point of failure."

Lazada suffers data breach; personal information from 1.1 million RedMart accounts for ... - 0 views

    "Lazada added that the information stolen was last updated in March 2019, and the affected RedMart-only database is not linked to any Lazada database."

Australia tests 'Orwellian' Covid app which uses facial recognition to enforce quaranti... - 2 views

  • Users will have 15 minutes, when the app pings them, to prove they are at their homes by showing the app their faces and giving it access to geo-location data. Should they fail to do so, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person.
  • “Location and biometric data is extremely valuable. Any government initiative that wishes to collect these types of personal information should have robust safeguards in place before it is rolled out, to ensure that information is not later used or disclosed for other purposes,”
  • According to its privacy statement, Home Quarantine SA will encrypt data “immediately upon submission” before sending it to an Australian server “under control of the Government of South Australia”.
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