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dr tech

Is your friend getting a cheaper Uber fare than you are? | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian - 0 views

    "Personalized pricing, which is also known as price discrimination or price optimization, depending on whether you're an economist or an online marketer, is a growing trend. According to a recent Deloitte and Salesforce report, 40% of brands that currently use AI to personalize the customer experience have used it to tailor pricing and promotions in real time. "
dr tech

Meet Dr. A.I.: Can an App Diagnose Your Health Issues? - 0 views

    "The results may seem similar to what you'd get if you'd searched WebMD, Mayo Clinic, etc. The difference is that Dr. A.I. pulls in many more data points than those sites do, then combines artificial intelligence with a massive database to pinpoint the most likely results in your specific case. It doesn't just find all possible ailments and list them for you to explore further on your own."
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