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UN slams Israel destruction of Jordan valley homes - 0 views

    The UN humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories Friday criticised Israel's demolition of 36 homes in the Jordan Valley and urged a halt to such actions in the West Bank.
Rachel Rachel

"Jordan is Palestine" Plan is Receiving Attention - Politics & Government - Israel News... - 0 views

    "Jordan is Palestine" Plan is Receiving Attention
liveinfreedom .

King Abdullah: In Need of 'Wins on The Ground' | Newsweek International | - 0 views

    King Abdullah of Jordan sat down at Petra with NEWSWEEK's Lally Weymouth last week and reflected on the state of affairs in his part of the world. He emphasized the need for a settlement of the Palestinian issue and claimed that Iran was no longer such a big problem for his country. Indeed, he sounded a bit like Barack Obama in arguing for the need for dialogue with Iran- a country he has in the past described as a major threat. Excerpts:
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Naor Ami

BBC News - Israel and Palestinian territories country profile - 0 views

shared by Naor Ami on 01 Feb 10 - Cached
    • Naor Ami
      Power of the Media - they say "Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced" but on the other hand: "several wars were fought involving Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon" and this is the interesting part: Who started those wars? these countries. why? they did not accept the UN decision. Try to query a bit more on how these lands were occupied and under what circumstances. Try to find out what happened to the Palestinians in Jordan, BBC happily share information about Palestinians refugees without detailing Israel's history.  All those who read this article and wants to know the truth about Israel should query for facts (non partial).
    Facts are that there will NEVER be an end to this Palistine ARAB and Israel issue because Hamas's charter says NO compromise with FORGET negotiating with Hamas. See this link.
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