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The non-profit organization in Subic Bay, Philippines - 4 views

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started by Isabelita Rosueta Organization on 04 Sep 13
  • Isabelita Rosueta Organization
    IROG (Isabelita Rosueta Organization) is a non-profit foundation based in Subic Bay, Philippines that aims to bring hope to the community by fostering goodwill and cooperation through charity projects such as scholarship grants, educational activities, livelihood programs, and community-oriented projects.

    It came about as a result of a common desire to give back the blessings received from personal and business ventures to the society. Moreover, it is a channel through which other individuals and groups can network their ideas and resources for implementing meaningful and fruitful endeavors on behalf of the community and society in general.

    If you are also one of the individuals we are talking to, you may help and reach us at .

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