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San Marcelino District Hospital Gift Giving Activity 2017 logicgateone roselyn-tuazon Castillo community services in subic bay

started by Isabelita Rosueta Organization on 11 Oct 17
  • Isabelita Rosueta Organization

    Life is so magical and beautiful indeed we should live it fully.

    As a way of sharing and helping others, for the past 3 consecutive years Isabelita Rosueta Organization (IROG) make it to a point of extending help to the newborn babies in San Marcelino Hospital. The smile from those loving parents is undeniably the proof of how happy they are in having their bundle of joy.

    Last September 16, 2017, 20 newborn babies received a bag of happiness: packed with essential baby needs; diaper, feeding bottles and some baby dresses and baby mattress pad with pillows. Their parents can't express how thankful they are to receive such gift. It could be a small or simple thing for others but as we say "No matter how big or small a thing could be, what matters most is the happiness that it brings."

    IROG is always looking to the positive side that those newborn babies could make a difference in the future. Let them feel that we are always ready to guide them in facing what the world would give.

    You cannot buy happiness, happiness is born. - Unknown

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