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Hakab Na Olongapo 2019 Ibalik sa Uso Pagpapasuso Protect Promote Support Breastfeeding Foundation of Life Empower Families Enable Isabelita Rosueta Organization IROG

started by Isabelita Rosueta Organization on 21 Nov 19
  • Isabelita Rosueta Organization

    Do you know that babies who get mommies' milk tend to have lower risks for serious respiratory conditions, ear infections and stomach bugs; offers protection for mommies against high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, as well as heart disease, breast and ovarian cancers?

    Plus, you are helping our Mother Earth too! Breastfeeding your baby over formula milk helps to reduce the amount of land needed for grazing cows and packaging required to make infant formula products. Cool, right?

    For the 5th time, Isabelita Rosueta Organization (IROG) supported our yearly Breastfeeding Month Hakab Na 2019 community service with the Breastfeeding Pinays of Olongapo and Rotary Club of Downtown Olongapo held at SM City Olongapo last August 18, 2019.

    Kita-kits again in 2020! Halina't ibalik sa uso ang pagpapasuso. For more details, visit

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