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Vicki Davis

2013 ON for Learning Award Winners - 6 views

    Common Sense media is an excellent organization and they've given their 2013 awards to many apps by age. They separate the apps by age and rate it by Learning. This is a credible source of information about the apps that you'll want to look into if you're using apps to help students learn.
Vicki Davis

8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education - 31 views

    Yes, this is the article. But you know what - if you use the ipad as a doorstop - does it make the classroom better? iPads IN the classroom don't make it better, I would argue that technology, used properly, can improve achievement. But technology used improperly is like the human voice used improperly -it can harm. Anyway, since this is making the rounds, you might want to take a look.
John Evans

Brilliant Integration of the iPad | November Learning - 16 views

    "This fall Mulgrave School in Vancouver, Canada, handed iPads to all the Grade 3 classes. Three weeks into the academic program and lead teachers on the project, Melanie Cannon and Shauna Ullman throw down one of the best uses of the iPad I've seen yet. "
Nancy Jones

Education Technology - theory and practice: iPad Resources for Teachers - 25 views

    this has got some great stuff on her regarding Ipads and Ipods in the classroom. Not only is one portion of the prezi created by a h.s. student, but there are multiple links and another video located on this page
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