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Robert Boltz

5 Best iPad Office Suites for Making You More Productive - 4 views

  • The iWork interfaces are the most attractive of all of these. With the integration of iCloud, it’s now easier to move docs in and out of the apps. Apple’s Open In… feature works too if you use DropBox or SugarSync apps.

  • combined the three apps will be the most expensive “suite” here
  • For word processing and limited desktop publishing,
    Pages wins out although Quickoffice HD comes in a close second.
  • ...5 more annotations...
    • It integrates with the following cloud services:

      • Google Docs
      • Dropbox
      • Evernote
      • Catch
      • SugarSync
      • huddle
      • egnyte
      • MobileMe (hopefully this will be replaced by iCloud soon)
  • presentation app in Documents to Go doesn’t make nice presentations
  • You also cannot insert graphics or images into your word processing documents
    • Google Docs
    • DropBox
    • iDisk
    • SugarSync
  • Spend $30 for the iWork suite of apps or $20 for Quickoffice HD. Those two lead the way in this round-up with the best set of features and the most attractive interfaces. Along with Documents To Go, they are easiest to use when moving files on and off the iPad thanks to their integration with cloud services.
Robert Boltz

AppStart: Best Word Processors: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide - 0 views

  • a variety of features which set it apart from the rest. Mainly, Pages' ability to work with multi-touch gestures makes it easy and enjoyable to use
  • Formatting documents is simple; adding pictures can be done in seconds, and moving them can be done by dragging the image with your finger
  • grants users an iPad app "suite," as opposed to a single word processing app
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Users can also access files via remote storage providers
  • The app also integrates with Google Docs, Dropbox
  • Users of the application can open and save documents using the Mail app, or sync with Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk and SugarSync.
  • sers can edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents within the application
Robert Boltz

iPad Guide - 2 views

Amy Shoemaker

20 iPad Apps for Kids with Autism - 2 views

Amy Shoemaker

Only the iPad - 1 views

Amy Shoemaker

I Education Apps Review - I Education Apps Review - 2 views

  • The community is all about discussion regarding these devices and apps to help us all out.
  •  The biggest impact that the IEAR community is seeing is in the lower elementary and special needs.
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