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jesica rom

How To Start Saving Early And Make Your Money Work - 26 views

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started by jesica rom on 10 Jul 09
  • jesica rom
    As is the wont with almost all of us we always put off decisions related to money for a later date especially when it comes to money. The most common theory is that we need money for current needs and we have no money to save.

    Let me try to explain this in a different manner. Each year you get a salary hike but even then we do not have enough money for saving because we expand our needs accordingly. If you get a bigger pay hike we go on and buy a big car or a big house or an expensive carpet instead that extra money could have gone for a big retirement corpus.

    It is this spending dilemma that we deal with which causes us to not have enough money in our saving accounts. The more money you have in your savings accounts or retirement accounts the more you will make year or year on that money. This is literally the basis of making your money work for you.

    The single most important tip that you need to take is to have an automatic electronic transfer of money from your salary account into your special savings account a day after your salary hits you account. That way you will have absolutely no way to touch that money and you will be able to save that on autopilot. Think about it as having that hidden away from you for good.

    Then the next thing that you need to do is to go to a financial planner and make sure that you get your priorities and accounts in order. That way you have absolute grasp about finances and the best avenues available o invest. In fact if you do not intend to delve into these let you financial planner help with that. This will go far in terms of setting up the accounts and other financial instruments in order for maximizing the return potential of the money.

    The other common sense thing to do is to have a plan in mind for your future. That plan should include a goal about the financial safety of your children or buying a house as an investment. With a goal in mind you will be all set to achieve with a written down plan of action. This goal will help you reduce your money spending habits.

    The more money in the bank and for more time the more it will earn for you in the future.
  • praneetchawla
    Really nice stuff & explained very well. keep updating.
  • fabbiem
    You can start investing in your youth only with the help of the right approach to it. Most likely, it will be difficult for the student to save big capital for investment. Plus, I know that most traders are now looking to way to get rich quickly, but they end up spending their days selling and buying something a couple of bucks apart. I decided that long-term investments will give me more free time, they are less risky and I know that I can expect a slow but sure growth of the asset that I'm buying. Here you can find a description of what investment coins are and what are their advantages for a beginner in investing.
  • steffenf
    Great post, thansk for sharing!
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