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Chris Chesher

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web - 0 views

    Google's latest analysis of web technologies, presented as a children's book.
Kim De Vries

E Pluribus Facebook :: The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It - 1 views

    • Kim De Vries
      I'm not sure how many people really think this. Many I know are _very_ aware that what seems private isn't really.
Alex Halavais

Are Online Social Networks For Everyone? « Cnnartowicz's Blog - 0 views

  • As baby boomers begin to venture into online social networks
  • they meet and interact with many people they may never know
  • college buddy or colleague
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • sites, while
  • invitation of other family members.” 1
  • (continuing) ‘It
  • eldering find
Deanya Lattimore

ICTA - Internet Community Text Analyzer - 0 views

    ICTA is a (currently free) web-based system for automated text analysis and discovery of social networks from electronic communication such as emails, forums, blogs and chats.

    Gruzd, Anatoliy A. (2009). ICTA - Internet Community Text Analyzer: Software for Automated Text and Social Network Analysis. Available at

    Carolyn Haythornthwaite posted this link to the AIR-L today.
Deanya Lattimore

WorldCat's Identities - Goffman - 0 views

  • has a new feature: search for an author, go to a detailed record of a book by that author, go down to the "Details" part of the record, and click the "Go" button beside "Find More information about..." the author's name. The resulting "Identities" record is a cool social network representation of the author. I've linked Erving Goffman's as an example.
Deanya Lattimore

Protecting Your Scholarship: Copyrights, Publication Agreements, and Open Access | Berk... - 0 views

    Kenneth Crews will provide an engaging review of the issues affecting authors and creators of copyrightable works. Copyrightable works include not only the traditional products of academic activity and inquiry, including books, articles, lectures and class notes, but also software, databases, websites, schematics, drawings, blueprints, renderings, movies, songs, lyrics, sculpture, choreography, landscape designs, and many other products of human creativity. As more channels become available for access to these works, the issues surrounding control and use are becoming ever more complex. Dr. Crews will discuss ways for scholars and other creators of copyrightable works to operate this new environment.
    Event has a webcast and was Liveblogged.
Alex Halavais

EpiSurveyor | - 1 views

    Awesome: mobile phone based survey collection (open source).
jose marichal

Fools then we shall be, to the worldly wisdom first our own: that we might hope to love... - 0 views

shared by jose marichal on 27 Apr 09 - Cached
    religious web use
jose marichal

Battle Cry: Home - 0 views

shared by jose marichal on 27 Apr 09 - Cached
    use of internet by religious orgs
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