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Castillo Rocas

Twitter Politics - 0 views

    Resources for the study of activist politics, state propaganda, collaboration, dissent, and opinion management on Twitter.
Jaeun Yun

China: Threatened by American Internet censorship - 0 views

    After the Secretary of State in the US Hillary Clinton's speech on Internet freedom, open source source code repository blocked access to IP addresses originating in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Open source software provides important infrastructure to these oppressed and developing nations. I hope the American government can see what a blow this is to the infrastructure and fledgling industries in these countries.
César Albarrán Torres

UK election 2010: @Conservatives have more followers than @UKLabour « ..:: di... - 0 views

    Contrary to the Obama-McCain 2008 campaign, where Internet users with liberal tendencies where more prone to follow their candidates via Twitter and other social media, the recent UK campaign shown the aparent leadership of Conservatives in political digital communications. They have double the Twitter followers than Labour. Do you think the digital divide between Democracts and Republicans in the US will shorten in the 2012 presidential campaign?

'Internet is a fundamental right' - 1 views

    Dutch political party 'D66' included that internet is a fundamental right in their campaign program. With 54% of their voters for internet as a fundamental right it is now in their political campaign. There will be elections in June to form a new parliament, this can be a critical point in their success.
César Albarrán Torres

Web 2.0: the new election superweapon | Politics | The Observer - 2 views

  • From Twitter and Facebook to viral ads and crowdsourcing, technology appears to offer parties powerful new ways to engage voters
  • All three mainstream parties are adopting similar techniques, but with very different aims.
  • Social media matters precisely because it is social, creating networks and building intimacy between strangers quickly – even if some of them are politicians.
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  • Once the novelty of politicians in virtual life passes, social media users may return to ignoring them.
  • Perhaps the challenge for politicians online remains the same as in the days of soapbox and megaphone: just being heard.

    Interesting article on The Guardian on how the main British parties use social media. The article, though, treats social media as a fad that may eventually dissolve.

    The question, though, remains: do political parties know how to use social media?
Qi Li

Who's Cashing In on Health-Care Reform? - 0 views

    In this article, the author stated the new health-care system depends heavily internet technology, this article also listed the main beneficiaries of this reform such as Microsoft, Microsoft.
César Albarrán Torres

BBC News - Evan Williams says Twitter fundamental to government - 0 views

  • Social networks will become a fundamental way we communicate with our governments, businesses and loved ones, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams has told the BBC.
  • Likewise, the White House has acknowledged the importance of Twitter correspondence - it recently announced that its tweets will be archived in accordance with the Presidential Records Act of 1978.
  • "I think Twitter will be a fundamental part of how people interact with their government," continued Mr Williams.

    "I think it will be how you get personal, customised information from every entity you care about, from your local café to your government, from your politician to your friends and family."

    The White House will now archive its tweets. Wonder what role Twitter will play in the not-so-far-away 2012 US presidential campaign. If Obama runs for re-election... will he start the race ahead?
Andra Keay

Fibreculture Journal Issue 12 - 0 views

    "..the impact of digital information and networking provokes a reconsideration of the model of medium theory. Every time it is written or stated that digital convergent technology has re-shaped the use and effects of media forms, then some form of medium theory is being employed."

    Good analysis of the strenths and weaknesses of both technological determinism and social shaping for understanding internet issues, with a look at the hybrid solutions like ActorNetwork Theory. Excellent background paper for understanding critical theories of technology.
César Albarrán Torres

| Pew Internet & American Life Project - 1 views

  • As the online political news audience has grown, the importance of the internet has increased relative to other news sources.
  • Among the entire population, the internet is now on par with newspapers as a major source of campaign news
  • Politically-active internet users are moving away from news sites with no point of view to sites that match their political views, and this is especially true among younger voters.

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  • bama voters took a leading role engaging in online political activism this election cycle.

    Much has been said and written about Obama's online success during the 2008 US presidential election. But what are the numbers? This is an interesting report that sets the stage for the 2012 elections, which are not that far away. Interesting findings not only concerning the candidates, but also in the role played by the Internet in the voting experience itself. 
Jaeun Yun

Censorship fears over Australian net filter - 1 views

    The Internet is changing every seconds and obviously getting to be worriyng in some aspects. However, free access to information, free expression and participation, and thus free access to the world is now becoming narrowed due to govermental regulations and censorship. And who is going to decide which websites should be banned or not? It seems to be worried that increasingly soficiticated leak could be created by computer geeks to retrieve the freedom of the internet.
Amit Kelkar

How Scott Brown friended, tweeted and LOLed his way into the people's U.S. Senate seat - 0 views

    The campaign strategy of the newly elected US Senator Scott Brown heavily used the web. Article about how he did this. 
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