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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Carl Kjellman

Carl Kjellman

Palestie and Israel: Hamas thinks time is on its side - 0 views

    I'm not sure what to think about this. Although I support Israel and Palestine talking to one another, it's not clear to me whether or not the circumstances are particularly desirable. On the other hand, patience IS a virtue...
Carl Kjellman

Letter From Kabul - 0 views

    Interesting piece by someone recently returned from Afghanistan.
Carl Kjellman

In Yemen conflict, number of displaced grows -- - 0 views

  • They have fled the war in nearby Saada province, where the nation's army, after five years of sporadic warfare in the region, has launched what it calls a final offensive against a Shiite Muslim rebel group called Houthis.
  • A poor but strategic country on the Gulf of Aden, Yemen is increasingly unstable. Washington is concerned about the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh being embroiled in conflicts that include a separatist insurgency in the south and growing numbers of Al Qaeda fighters using the nation as a base to launch attacks across the Middle East.
  • The plight of the displaced has become a political issue within Yemen, with the government and the Houthis accusing each other of using civilians as shields and obstructing access to aid groups.
Carl Kjellman

Fatah: Hope for Barack Obama has 'evaporated' - Alexander Burns - - 0 views

  • Fatah, the political party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has accused President Barack Obama of caving in to Israeli pressure and said the hopes Palestinians had for Obama’s administration have “evaporated.”
Carl Kjellman

Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs - - 0 views

  • The recent trash problem was compounded when employees of one of the multinational companies — men and women in green uniforms with crude brooms dispatched around the city — stopped working in a dispute with the city.
  • “The state is troubled; as a result the system of decision making is disintegrating,” said Galal Amin, an economist, writer and social critic. “They are ill-considered decisions taken in a bit of a hurry, either because you’re trying to please the president or because you are a weak government that is anxious to please somebody.”
Carl Kjellman

Mideast climate change and its strategic implications « Right Sided American ... - 0 views

  • One of the less discussed considerations of the Israel-Palestine conflict has been access to fresh water. Two of the three primary fresh-water aquifers in Israel and Palestine lie under the West Bank: the Eastern Basin and the Northeastern Basin. Israel also shares a coastal aquifer with the Gaza Strip. Israel cannot relinquish control over those aquifers without severely compromising its national security.
  • Among the many maladies plaguing Iraq, the absence of fresh water has assumed new importance given that some of the country’s other issues are in the process of being addressed. Iraq’s two main sources of fresh water, the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, are drying up
  • Iraq remains at the mercy of Turkey and Syria for its fresh water resources. Part of Iraq’s problem is that there is no international law that obligates Turkey or Syria to share their water
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Overall, perhaps it is a lack of historical data to make comparisons about the climate over the ages – necessary to gauge what is happening to the global environment today – that makes current projections inevitably dependent on largely unproven models, both scientific and non-scientific.
  • These events also showed the acute need for horizontal integration within states to enable efficient and rapid coordination between government and non-government bodies to mobilize resources in support of humanitarian and disaster relief, and for rebuilding affected areas in the aftermath.
Carl Kjellman

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Afghan election fraud row mounts - 0 views

  • Mr Karzai's brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, who heads the Kandahar provincial council, called the claims "baseless".
  • The tribe decided before the election that it was dissatisfied with the performance of Hamid Karzai and announced it would back Abdullah Abdullah, the former foreign minister and main challenger.
  • Because the complaints commission has so many irregularities to investigate - 600 of them serious - our correspondent says final results of the presidential election may not be known until the end of September.
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