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Blair Peterson

How you can get your hands on Google Glass early (update) - 0 views

    Something new and very cool from Google.
Colleen Broderick

7 Essential Principles of Innovative Learning | MindShift - 2 views

    Not only a great article - but great links embedded
Blair Peterson

Suzie Boss: How Are We Preparing Students to Be Tomorrow's Innovators? - 0 views

  • Such projects typically involve serious academic study along with real-world problem solving, introducing students to a process for innovation that they can use again and again.
  • How do you encourage--or discourage--innovative thinking among your staff? Who are your own role-models for innovation?
  • How do you foster a fail-fast, risk-taking attitude among your staff (and among your students)?
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  • They use their networks to expand opportunities for students, too.
  • As a school leader, do you model how to use networks effectively? Do you encourage teachers to leverage their connections to create new opportunities for students?
Blair Peterson

Imagine That! | - 0 views

  • implement an extended daily schedule for targeted, small-group learning; increase student-centered instruction and instructional time; allow students to spend a portion of their time in school with online learning; make content come alive with integrated multimedia experiences through technology; enable students to proceed with learning at their own pace; support teachers in their ongoing professional development, during the school year and through the summer; and communicate regularly and engage with parents, including access to free digital-literacy classes and other online programs.
Blair Peterson

The Need for Innovative Leadership | Connected Principals - 0 views

    "So as we move forward we have to truly be open in our practice, share the process, and be comfortable with the mistakes that we will make along the journey.  We have to not only give permission for things to not work perfectly, we have to push and encourage our teachers to go out of their comfort zones to improve student learning based on the needs of today's learner."
Blair Peterson

Starting an Online Show: How to Quickly Grow Your Platform | Social Media Examiner - 0 views

    Creating your own online show and being successful.
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