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started by Luke Pate on 20 Apr 12
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    She likes to remain the house and backyard garden nice so she visits the area DIY and garden centre and spends a number her income there way too. They eat out from time to time and know where the best restaurants are. They get two cars, a decent one they bought second hand and a little runabout she uses to get the kids to the local school. They can afford to look at one holiday a year and in many cases that holiday is UK based. It is important to notice that this 38 season old female is rooted in the community too, her family is the main community and for that reason she is interested in the community in lots of various ways. Her family have an awareness of of loyalty to the community too and will be interested in anything that goes on locally. That means se buys the area paper regularly and likes to learn issues that could have an impact on her family and her lifestyle.

    If i build a station influenced by this core listener what would this station sound like?
    Television was organized for the premise of selling things. The entire television industry was preparing a political atmosphere of suspicion and fear. Senator Joseph McCarthy, the founder associated with McCarthyism, which was based on the fear of Communism, along with the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee, began to question people linked to television about their specific guidelines and associations.

    What affected television in its first stages?


    Politics (McCarthyism / HUAC).


    Blacklists: With almost the inception associated with television, many writers, directors, and actors were considered to be pro-Communist and/or un-American.

    Certain subject areas were totally off-limits at the time for television, particularly issues of race relations inside 1960's. Overall, networks were not happy with the political situation for television in the 1960's, both in terms with the blacklists, and of the truth that when every show possessed one sponsor, that sponsor controlled the whole program. Networks preferred to control the program, by way of moving to multiple sponsors/advertisers, where networks would retain control of the show, and advertisers would buy amount of time in between the programming.

    Inside 1950's, networks decided to reduce the practice of sponsors controlling the shows using a move to spot providing, or advertisements between software programs, as we know the idea today. What caused the proceed to spot selling?


    Discovery of fraud in the quiz shows on television set. Quiz shows were extremely popular when, and were liked with the networks, the sponsors, and also the viewers alike. It been found, however, that quiz illustrates were largely fixed. Charles Van Doren on "21" became a huge star due to his repeated wins, until it came out that the whole thing had been fixed. In the case of "The $64, 000 Issue, " the owner involving Revlon was personally hand-selecting the winners and losers over the show.


    It was becoming financially difficult first advertiser to support a total show.

    For this same time came that inception of ratings to measure a show's recognition. Ratings, quite simply, measure the number of people watching a show. To understand why reviews are so important, it's crucial to understand how the tv industry works, through three questions, and their individual answers:


    Who owns television? [The networks]


    who radio

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