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Richard Allaway

The British Geographer - The British Geographer - 1 views

    [Submitted by: Paul Christmas]

    "The following site has a detailed section on freshwater and many other topics. It will be useful for the options section of the IB and in future will develop sections for the core. A key highlight are some of the detailed case studies. However the site is under development and so some section are are not complete. Some food and health case studies are required and the extreme environments sections is still being written. The site will be useful for both students and teachers of IB geography but has not been written exclusively for the IB."
Ann Smith

Allan Savory: How to green the desert and reverse climate change | Video on - 1 views

    Allan Savory works to promote holistic management in the grasslands of the world to stop desertification
Kathleen Noreisch

Gigapan of Everest - 0 views

    Good for identifying glacial landforms
Richard Allaway - AS / A2 / IB Geography - Hot, Arid: Resource Development Urani... - 1 views

    Lesson Aim
    To examine the opportunities and challenges posed for resource development (mineral extraction and any associated settlement and communications) in hot, arid areas - focusing on uranium extraction in Niger.

    Updated July 2012
Robert Cooper

World's most northerly oil platform - 0 views

    LUKOIL's platform in the Barents Sea.
    Useful for resource development in a periglacial environment. Also see the excellent TV advert at emerson/lukoil; and details of the ice breaking oil tanker, Timofey Guzhenko, that reaches the platform.
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