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started by goldiranovapage on 08 Jul 14
  • goldiranovapage
    Some people say the economy is getting better and inflation isn't a big issue today, but many average day people would still disagree. The price of gas and food continues to be on the rise and it is really frustrating for many people to pay their bills and keep food on the table each month. Investments and retirement plans are just one more thing that causes people to worry. Most people still dream of retiring from work some day, but they don't know if their retirement plans will be sufficient for their needs. One way to protect any retirement plan is with a gold ira.

    While many goods and especially the dollar have continued to decrease over the years, gold has continued to rise in value. Most people who invest in gold can sell their precious metals for a great return, years down the road. There are several gold ira companies that will help people convert their existing investment portfolio to one that is backed with gold. The question is which company is best for your investment needs? There are four things to understand before you choose a specific IRA company that uses gold backers:

    Setup Fees and Storage Costs- Many ira companies will charge you a flat fee to set up everything for your gold backed account, but they may have additional charges as your account gains value. It is important to ask about any fees that might incur on your account at any time.

    Choices of Precious Metals Available- There are many kinds of precious metals that are available to the investor. There are usually all kinds of coins available and even gold bullion. It is best to choose gold, silver, and platinum that is acceptable for an IRA. A company with a secure storage facility is also a must.


    Cashing in Assets- Ask your chosen IRA company about how they go about changing cash to gold and how they will allow you to liquidate assets. You want to make sure you get a fair value for your return.

    Talk to an Expert- Before you change your IRA accounts to one that is backed by gold; make sure you ask all the right questions. Some companies take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to transfer an account. It is also important to know what your tax liability is. Take your time, because a wrong decision can be expensive.

    If you have heard about gold backed IRA accounts, now is the time to get involved. The economy isn't what it used to be, so there is no reason to wait to take action and protect your future. For more information go to and see what a gold backed ira could do for your retirement plan.

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