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The Middle Ages for Kids - Coat of Arms, Shields, Herald, Heraldry - 0 views

  • People in medieval times used personal and family banners and shields to express their identity and status in society. Think of your school logo, or the logo of a professional sports team
  • Heraldry includes a family motto and a family coat of arms. The actual design of the coat of arms followed a pattern, although each was distinctive. 
  • As time went on, a family's heraldry was recorded so that no one could copy the pattern or take it for themselves.
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  • In the Middle Ages, a distinctive coat of arms was used to identify each noble family. Each item in the design had meaning. 
  • Once a coat of arms was adopted by a family, the design was placed on shields held by knights of the manor, embroidered on tapestries, and carved in stone throughout the castle or manor house. It was placed on swords and on banners and even burnt into the top of breads on special occasions. A family's heraldry was important. It said, "This is who we are, and we are special." That is heraldry.
  • Since most people could not read, heraldry was invented.
  • design and short saying
  • They put their coat of arms, showing their heraldry, on banners, shields, tapestries and anything else they could think of.
  • coat of arms has a specific meaning
  • brave as a lion
    Background on a coat of arms.
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