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Garth Holman

Ancient Greek Environment - Ancient Greece for Kids! - 1 views

  • The combination of good sailing and lousy farming tends to make Greeks try to get a living from the sea.
    • Garth Holman
      How did these people make a living from the sea?  
  • There are several active volcanoes, and earthquakes are also very common. There is a nervous feeling that there could be a natural disaster at any time. This got the Greeks interested in a particular kind of religion which we call oracles. Oracles are the gods speaking to people, often in the form of minor earthquakes, and the gods tell the people what is going to happen in the future.
  • There used to be quite a lot of trees on the hillsides of Greece, but people cut most of them down, and now the hills of Greece are mostly bare, or have little bushes on them.
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  • The soil is not very good for growing things, there are a lot of mountains that make it hard to walk from one place to another, and there is never enough fresh water.
  • what Greece does have is a lot of coastline
  • No part of Greece is more than about forty miles from the sea: a couple of days walking
  • in Greece, they were sailors
  • Greeks have always spent a lot of time sailing on the ocean.
mrs. b.

Sparta, Ancient Greek City-State - Ancient Greece for Kids - 1 views

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  • The Spartans were proud, fierce, capable warriors
  • Sparta's government was an oligarchy
  • The people were ruled by a small group of warriors
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  • In Sparta, the goal of education was to create a strong warrior. 
  • Sparta's warriors were legendary
  • In Sparta, boys were taken away from their parents at age 7. They lived a harsh and often brutal life in the soldiers barracks. Younger children were beaten by older children who started fights to help make the younger boys strong. Children were often were whipped in front of groups of other Spartans, including their parents, but they were not allowed to cry out in pain
  • Spartan women, unlike women in the rest of Greek world, had a great deal of freedom.  Many ran businesses. Sparta women were free to move about and visit neighbors without permission from their husbands
  • Sparta was ruled by a small group of retired warriors. This type of government is called an oligarchy.
  • The city-state of Sparta was basically a well-trained army. In other city-states, children entered military school at age 18. In Sparta, they entered at age 6. The girls were taught how to fight as well. Their school was separate from the boys' school.
  • Men and male children, from the age of 6, lived in the soldiers' barracks until they retired from military service. The men were often off fighting. The women were left behind to guard their homes. Perhaps because of this, women in ancient Sparta had a great deal of freedom. They ran businesses. They were free to move around and visit neighbors without asking their husbands permission.
    Spartan society and governement
Lakala S

Ancient Greece Schools - 1 views

    • Lakala S
      School systems in Greece seem very interesting.
  •  facts about ancient egypt for kids Facts about Egypt today ... information on ancient egypt for children  
  • The way children were educated was different in each city state. In Sparta, reading and writing was unimportant. Boys learned to be good fighters. In Athens citizens had to be educated to take part in voting in the Assembly. Athenian boys also went to 'wrestling school' each day, to learn many sports, not just wrestling. They had to be fit, to fight in the army.
msanders m

Government - Ancient Greece for Kids - 0 views

  • or so they believed. But they were not the only city-states. Ther
  • or so they believed. But they were not the only city-states. The
  • There were three main forms of government in ancient Greece:
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  • Each city-state (polis) had its own personality, goals, laws and customs
  • Democracy: Rule by the citizens, voting in an assembly. One city-state whose government experimented for about a hundred years with democracy was the ancient city-state of Athens. 
  • Oligarchy: Rule by a small group. One city-state whose government was an oligarchy was the city-state of Sparta.
  • Monarchy: Rule by a king. One city-state whose government was a monarchy was the city-state of Corinth.
  • Athens and Sparta were the two most important city-states in ancient Greece
  • The ancient Greeks spoke the same language. They believed in the same gods. They shared a common heritage. They perceived themselves as Greeks.
  • The Greeks who lived in each city-state were proud of their hometown.
  • The ancient Greeks referred to themselves, however, as citizens of their hometown - their city-state.
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      A lot of highlighting lol!
    • glever g
    • msanders m
  • . Ancient Greeks were very loyal to their city-state. 
  • The Greeks who lived in each city-state were proud of their hometown.
  • All Greeks, wherever they made their home, had things in common. 
    • kmiao k
      Ancient Greece government, city, states and citizen
  • Rule by a small group. One city-state whose government was an oligarchy was the city-state of Sparta.
    greek goverment 
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    A simple and informative website about greece
    greek website
    Ancient Greece Government
Cameryn C

Indian Slaves - History for Kids! - 0 views

  • here were probably always slaves in India, but until about 1000 AD there were only a few slaves, and most of them worked as house servants.
  • Islamic conquerors reached India, they forced many more people to be slaves. They sold thousands of these slaves out of India to work in Persia (modern Iran) or Afghanistan. Many of these people worked in the mines. SIGN IN LOG OUT
    Ancient Slavery in India
Jack B

Ancient Rome for Kids - 1 views

  • For about 500 years,  Rome was a Republic  For about 500 years, Rome was an Empire Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks/Romans
  • Republic Government 
  • Roman Emperors 
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  • Geography/Natural Resources/Maps/Timelines 
  • graphy/Natural Resources/Maps/Timelines 
  • Daily Life 
  • Dinner
  • Entertainment
  • Holidays & Festivals
    ancient rome!
    GReat Website
Chaehee Lee

Ancient Egypt for Kids - 0 views

    • Josh B
      Many links to different places to find many different things about Egypt
    • Yossi DuBow
      I think this a great website for learning about the Egyptian Culture.
    • Chaehee Lee
      Tells about daily life, afterlife, governemnt, and everything else you see down.
Chaehee Lee

Ancient India for Kids - 1 views

    • Josh B
      leads to more websites
    • Chaehee Lee
      Tells about the architecture, religion, and history.
    Contains information about India
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