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Garth Holman

Welcome to My 7th Grade Adventure - History with Holman - 2 views

    • Garth Holman
      Great Cartoon to really explain an idea.  Well found:) 
  • And in the middle of the Classic Age of Greece, it was important for Greeks to travel and trade.
  • interest as each citizen grabbed a small stone from a large pile and started dropping it in two separate piles:
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  • each for one side of the debate.  It was quite obvious that the pile for stopping the use of the boat was a bit larger, so without any counting, everybody declared that the majority ruled.
    • Garth Holman
      Nice touch...Obvious majority rule. 
  • "At least it's not Sparta.  Oligarchies," a small woman nearby talking the elder that I had ran into before whispered.
  • Only a small group of probably aristocratic people can make decisions.
  • Starting to think about our representative democracy back in the United States of America, I headed back to my sleeping spot the previous night.  The debate had taken so long, it was almost sunset.  Direct democracies are much more different than our representative democracy, I thought. 
  • In a direct democracy, there are no separation of powers: citizens create laws, enforce laws, and act as judges, whereas in a representative democracy, some people have more power than others and citizens vote people to create laws, enforce laws, and act as judges.  But both direct and representative democracies are different than theocracies or monarchies.  
Garth Holman

Lexi :) - History - 0 views

  • He didn't look very rich for a ruler. But the man walked away from the taller rock and took a seat. Apparently it wasn't Athens wasn't a monarchy. 
  • decision had to be made."Some women have requested to have more rights.  As citizens of Athens, it is crusial for us to make a decision here and now," said the man.
  • This was pure choas!
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  • this was direct democracy.  Every citizens was voting and had a direct say in the matter.
  • That's when I realized there were only men surrounding me.  A few of them were giving me weird looks.Just then a young teen approached me and said, "What you doing here?  We both know that women aren't citizens and are defiantly not welcome to vote
  • After all majority rules."
  • had always complained how long the US elections took because of the voting method.  
  •  Just the representatives that people voted for
  • THEOCRACY!  Wait, no.  That wouldn't be good.  Ruled by religion? Not fun.  
  • representative democracy.  T
  • I tried to think back to social studies class and suddenly regretted taking that nap during our study of government.  
  • calm and done in an ordered manor.
  • oligarchy?"
  • In an oligarchy only the rich have say.  They don't understand what it is like to be a commoner.  T
Garth Holman

Seventh Grade - History - 0 views

  • What made me so mad was that she didn't get her name on a gravestone.  I wanted her to be remembered as more than just the general's wife and more than just in my memories.  She taught me how to be the way I am and she told me to care for people even when you don't know how they'll react.
  • "Yeah.  It wasn't a wail, but it was the break-your-heart-one-tear-at-a-time type of crying that I really couldn't stand for more than thirty seconds," Ekati explained.  "Are you kidding me?  Wow." I couldn't believe how much these people cared for me.
  • I could have sworn I saw a tiny human skull in there.
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  • that those soldiers would think for themselves.
  •  It hurt, but I did something that might not have changed anything, but now the people of Sparta were thinking and thinking leads to ideas.  Ideas that can change the world.
  • "dared to challenge me in public.  Tais, you are bound to the ground you are on."  The general raised his whip and struck.  And struck and struck again.
  • You remember how you said all those silly things about the geography and then your clothes morphed into those tights and a short toga?" Coriander laughed.  "You looked weird for about a second and then you started crying and you looked normal again."
  •  I took note of a very cute, broad-shouldered, blonde as he put away his gear.  
  • Why in the world would you wait until tonight? I thought.  What's wrong with right now? 
  • as I remembered Coriander was the "very cute, broad-shouldered, blonde" I noticed three seconds ago.  
    Ideas can change the world.
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