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Garth Holman

Viking Invasion ~ Fulford 1066 - YouTube - 0 views

    First two minutes of the coming...Compare to D-day footage  1.25 into this second clip. 
Garth Holman

getfile.php (1255×1140) - 0 views

    • Garth Holman
      This map shows three groups that attach and raid Europe: The Saracens (from North Africa, they are Arabs), The Magyars (From Europe, Hungarian Christians) and Vikings (from Scandinavia, polytheistic: become Christian) Another article describes these raids this way "In the short run, they wreaked havoc on land and people" 
Alexander R.

The Norse - 0 views

    A very good website I found out about the Vikings (Norse).
Garth Holman

Vikings: History and Legacy - 1 views

  • Northmenn or Normans is more correct way of calling them.
  • used in reference with the act of pirating.
  • "fara í viking" in English meant sailing off to far away shores to pillage.
Angela Pettigrew

V I K I N G   I N V A S I O N - 2 views

  • The Vikings were more than just bloodthirsty raiders
  • The Norse (or Northmen) were farmers, traders, craftsmen, and musicians, as well as, feared warriors.
  • For almost 400 years the Norse spread across most of Europe and were the first Europeans to set foot on North American soil
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  • The Viking Age ended as violently as it began, at the Battle of Hastings, between the King of Norway, Harald III Sigurdsson (Haraldr harðráði), and Harold Godwinson King of the Anglo-Saxons.
  • The true Vikings were those who traveled on their dreaded long ships and fought in wars, raids, or just for survival.
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