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Garth Holman

The Middle Ages | Feudalism - 1 views

    • John Woodbridge
      This shows that there were more than one type of monk or nun.
  • Working hard did not change your status. Your clothing, food, marriage, homes, etc., were determined for you. After the rank of king, the hierarchy was the nobles, the knights, the clergy (religious people), the tradesmen and the peasants.
  • You were born into a class of people and generally stayed in that class for your entire life.
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  • profoundly affected by the rulings of the church.
  • One of the most unifying elements of the Middle Ages was the Roman Catholic Church.
  • In the Middle Ages, there was a definite structure in society.
  • Following the pope, in order of rank, there were bishops, priests, monks and nuns.
  • Bishops
  • Priests
  • Monks
  • were very holy and lived in a convent.
Katelyn H

Confession - 0 views

  • Most people, even non-Catholics, know what going to confession involves. One travels to a church, in a corner of which is situated a confessional booth.
  • "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been three months since my last confession."
  • he priest listens to the confession and assigns an appropriate penance
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  • Public confession of sins was part of this (although private confession followed by public penance gained acceptance after the official conversion of Rome)
  • Penitents were required to kneel outside the church, wearing sackcloth and ashes, during Mass and were not allowed to participate in the Eucharist
  • For major, or "deadly" sins, the length of this penance could number in years, and one could only be absolved once of such a sin before one was excommunicated
    This goes more into the confession process of the Middle Ages.
dana k

Monastery on sale in MONTGARDIN, France - buy Monastery in MONTGARDIN - sale France | R... - 1 views

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