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King Richard the Lionheart - 0 views

  • Richard on the Third Crusad
  • Richard on the Third Crusade
  • Richard's tactics ensured success at the siege of Acre and on the subsequent march south, Saladin's men being unable to harass the Crusader army into an impulsive action which might not have gone their way.
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  • the desertion of the French king had been a major blow, from which they could not hope to recover
  • Realising that he had no hope of holding Jerusalem even if he took it, Richard sadly ordered a retreat.
  • Richard I (September 8, 1157 – April 6, 1199) was King of England from 1189 to 1199. He was often referred to as Richard the Lionheart
  • sons of Henry II
  • Richard had limited respect for his father and lacked foresight and a sense of responsibility
    This is a really good site about King Richard the Lionhearted. It tells about his personal life and his attempts to seize Jerusalem.
Garth Holman

The Third Crusade - 2 views

  • Saladin a leader
  • ery devout in prayers and fasting, fiercely hostile toward unbelievers, and full of the pride of race.
  • kindliness and humanity not surpassed,
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  • Third Crusade was caused by the capture of Jerusalem in 1187 by Saladin, the sultan of Egypt.
  • Saladin united the Moslems of Syria under his sway and then advanced against the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • rout of their army and the capture of their king.
  • Even the Holy Cross, which they had carried in the midst of the fight, became the spoil of the conqueror.
  • The cry for another crusade arose on all sides. Once more thousands of men sewed the cross in gold, or silk, or cloth upon their garments and set out for the Holy Land.
  • King Philip Augustus of France, King Richard I of England, and the German emperor, Frederick Barbarossa assumed the cross,
  • King Richard I of England
  • Lion-hearted," in memory of his heroic exploits in Palestine
  • He raised money for the enterprise bythe persecution and robbery of the Jewsthe imposition of an unusual tax upon all classesthe sale of offices, dignities, and the royal lands
  • he would sell the city of London, if he could find a purchaser."
  • English and French kings finally mustered their forces beneath the walls of Acre, which city the Christians were then besieging.
  • knightly virtues
  • knightly adventures and chivalrous exploits
  • Richard was sick with a fever, Saladin, knowing that he was poorly supplied with delicacies, sent him a gift of the choicest fruits of the land. And on another occasion, Richard's horse having been killed in battle, the sultan caused a fine Arabian steed to be led to the Christian camp as a present for his rival.
  • , but could not capture Jerusalem.
  • King Richard and Saladin finally concluded a truce by the terms of which Christians were permitted to visit Jerusalem without paying tribute, that they should have free access to the holy places,
  • The king regained his liberty only by paying a ransom equivalent to more than twice the annual revenues of England.
Cameron G.

Nobility - Knighthood - 2 views

    This site provides information regarding nobility, including Kings, Queens, Knights and other nobles.
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