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Lily S

The Medieval Church - 0 views

  • very rich and powerful
  • organized like a government with laws
  • job of praying for everyone else.
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  • Monks were often teachers who taught noble children
  • Some even had the
  • The windows would tell bible stories and the lives of the saints
  • made of stone
  • provided spiritual guidance and a place were people could get an education
  • Almost all
  • Monks lived in monasteries or abbeys. They worked and prayed. Women could also serve a religious life as a nun
    A good website on the Medieval Church
Gabriela R

LEGO: THE FEUDAL SYSTEM - YouTube - 0 views

    • Gabriela R
      Actually shows the history of the feudalism (except for spiderman). It also shows the lives of the social classes. 
Lily S

Government in the middle ages - 0 views

    • Lily S
      For what feudalism does
Lily S

Feudalism - 1 views

    • Lily S
      #6 on Quest 3
mrs. b.

Homer - Ancient Greece for Kids! - 1 views

  • When Homer was born, the Greeks had just recently learned how to use the alphabet from the Phoenicians. Homer used the alphabet to write down two long epic poems called the Iliad and the Odyssey. Probably Homer didn't make up these stories, or even the words, himself. Poets or bards had been going around Greece telling these stories for hundreds of years already. But Homer wrote them down, and gave them their final form.
mrs. b.

Ancient Greece and Rome and Their Influence on Modern Western Civilization | TCI Teache... - 2 views

  • The American political system, like those of many other Western nations, is profoundly influenced by ideas from ancient Greece and Rome. Our ideas about democracy and republican government come from these ancient governments. Our values of citizen participation and limited government originate in these ancient societies.
    Ancient Greece enduring impacts
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