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Tom McHale

We talk a lot about civic education. Here's how to get kids really engaged in it. - The... - 3 views

    "We talk a lot about civic education, usually about how little of it too many students get in school. In this charged election season, the subject has rarely, if ever, been more relevant. But here's a different kind of discussion: how kids are actually being engaged in it. Below are several examples that could be used in any school.

    All of the authors are working in Illinois, where a law was recently passed requiring high schools to provide a semester-long civics course that includes community action of some kind. It says, "Civics course content shall focus on government institutions, the discussion of current and controversial issues, service learning, and simulations of the democratic process." But what they say can apply across the country."

Center on Congress | The Center On Congress at Indiana University - 2 views

    "What does Congress do?" "How does it affect my life?" "And how can I let Congress know what's important to me?"

    The Center on Congress helps "Americans of all ages understand how our representative democracy works and their role in our government."
bryan pasquale

America's Black Founding Fathers - 8 views

    Black founding fathers
GoEd Online

101 Super Sites for Social Studies Teachers - 30 views

    A list of the top 101 websites for social studies, U.S. history, world history, government, economics and civics teachers.
Mitch Weisburgh

What is the Fed - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - 6 views

    overview, history, roles, and policies of the federal reserve system
Lance Mosier

Online US Citizenship Practice Test - 13 views

    The U.S. Citizenship Test is an important step in your U.S. citizenship application. During the citizenship interview, a US citizenship and immigration officer will ask the applicant ten(10) questions. The applicant must answer six(6) out of the ten(10) questions correctly in order to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test. If you fail the citizenship interview test, your citizenship application will be rejected.
Christina Briola

Center for Civic Education - 11 views

    Many resources for US Government.
Rob Jacklin

The ReDistricting Game - 4 views

    The Redistricting Game is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting. Currently, the political system in most states allows the state legislators themselves to draw the lines. This system is subject to a wide range of abuses and manipulations that encourage incumbents to draw districts which protect their seats rather than risk an open contest.

    By exploring how the system works, as well as how open it is to abuse, The Redistricting Game allows players to experience the realities of one of the most important (yet least understood) aspects of our political system. The game provides a basic introduction to the redistricting system, allows players to explore the ways in which abuses can undermine the system, and provides info about reform initiatives - including a playable version of the Tanner Reform bill to demonstrate the ways that the system might be made more consistent with tenets of good governance. Beyond playing the game, the web site for The Redistricting Game provides a wealth of information about redistricting in every state as well as providing hands-on opportunities for civic engagement and political action.
Brian Peoples

Great Debates in American History by Peter Pappas - 16 views

    Excellent critical thinking anchors for history classes
Ginger Lewman

iCivics | The Democracy Lab - 9 views

    Check out games and activities on the topic of your choice!
Daniel Ballantyne

The Civic Mirror | A citizenship education program that turns classrooms into countries... - 8 views

    really engaging simulation for teaching Canadian or American gov't, economics, citizenship
David Hilton

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time - 3 views

    It's not strictly speaking history-related however most of us also teach social studies or something similar and it was just too cool to pass up. An excellent way of demonstrating to students the issues regarding the current Western economic model and the Chimerica conundrum. Scary.
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