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Talia Wujtewicz

Co-founder of WordPress talks about project's past and future - 0 views

    We often use websites without realizing that they are viewed as projects to their founders and creators. This video gives some information about what going on behind the curtains of a blog-hosting website.
    Great -- thanks for re-posting, Talia. Once we start using the site I created in class the other day, you'll get familiar with WordPress.
Emily Broadwater

Every Day A Post of WordPress Tips and Tricks until Christmas! - 0 views

    The time has come and our loyal reader know already our traditional Advents Calendar. For the people who don't know, every year we had in December each day, until the 24th (Christmas Eve in Germany), a post with specials, tips, tricks, plugins, tutorials and so on. Since it is quite a lot work to accomplish 24 high quality posts, we asked some of the finest WordPress Experts in Germany if they would like to contribute some ideas and great posts to it every day.
Adam Munera

Wordpress - 0 views

    If anyone is interested in messing around with wordpress here is a site with other things you can do!
Xiaotong Liu

WordPress 3.8 update comes with a new admin and default theme - 0 views

    The new version of WordPress has been released. Here is the article introduced some new information of the new version.
Alex Gregg

Wordpress Tip and Tricks - 0 views

    I found this interesting. It could be useful to anyone who really wants to make their wordpress profile stand out. If you have the patience to learn it all, it would definitely be helpful.
Lizzie Ehrreich

21 Interesting Internet Facts - 0 views

    Although you should probably look a bit more into specific numbers, these facts are fascinating! For example, percentage of facebook users around the entire world and link to the very first website.
Natasha Taliferro

This Russian Software is Taking Over the Internet - 1 views

    The Russian Open Source software, Nginx by Igor Sysoev, that runs not only Wordpress but also sites like Netflix, now runs 15 percent of all websites.
Gordon Hall

Top 10 Most Usable Content Management Systems - 1 views

    In addition to the content management systems we talked about today like wordpress, there are plenty of other great content management systems out there for people to use.
    Although that article was written way back in 2009, I'd say it's still pretty accurate. All the CMSes I know of are in that list, plus some I hadn't heard of.
Adam Munera

Word Clouds for WordPress - 0 views

    I thought I would post this site where you can make word clouds for our final project, if your interesting in adding some media to it!
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