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Amanda French

Google Books ruling is a huge victory for online innovation - 0 views

    Big news today: a ten-year-old lawsuit about Google Book Search has been resolved in Google's favor -- basically, the law has ruled that it was okay for Google to scan in-copyright books because it had no plans to publish the whole version of those in-copyright books online in Compare this to what we've heard about celebrity photographs and Pinterest. Here's a quotation from the story: "When Google started work on its book search engine a decade ago, the company realized that getting the approval of copyright holders would be a logistical nightmare. Not only would major publishers likely demand high fees for permission to scan their books, but for many older works, it would be difficult to even figure out who the appropriate copyright holder was. So Google took a gamble, scanning library books without seeking copyright holders' permission and relying on copyright's fair use doctrine as a justification."
Lizzie Ehrreich

25+ CC sources - 0 views

    Multiple sources licensed under creative commons.
Laura Vazquez

Copyright vs. Trademark vs. Patent - 0 views

    This site describes the differences between copyright, trademark and patent and has examples to help differentiate them.
Mahrokh Akhavan

History of Music Publishing - 1 views

    This is just a Wikipedia article about the history of music publishing but I shared it because I remember my music prof. at Mason talking about Stephan Foster being the first songwriter who got copyright over his material and he is mentioned in this post. Its interesting to see how far back the laws go in different countries.
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