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Mitch(ell) Miller

Rutgers student death: Has Digital Age made students callous? - 2 views

    A very sad story that people think was caused, in part, by how the digital age is affecting students.
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    The roommate was clearly trying to out him in a very nefarious way. Yes, easy access to recording and distribution technology was available, but bad decisions drove the actions.
    I think the wide use of cams has changed people's idea of what is appropriate and what is not. People who have not lived with these webcams and camera phones have at least a background of knowing of a time when they weren't so readily available. Children and students growing up now who've had them all their lives, may not automatically know what is acceptable. I am outraged if I'm in a social setting with friends where we are dancing, having fun, and bystanders start to record us without our consent. These cameras are everywhere, and some states aren't allowing people to video police officers on duty, but I think this should be extended to general public. People should have to consent before they are recorded on camera, and if there is no consent, that offending party should possibly face legal action.
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