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How to Treat an Outer Ear Infection - 0 views

    An ear infection affects the middle and inner ear mainly. Hearing is affected because sounds cannot travel through an ear that is full of fluids. Constant fluid in the middle ear and chronic otitis media can reduce a child's hearing at a time that is critical for speech and language development.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes - Dr. William Plikerd - 0 views

    Interest in ancient medical texts on health and healing has been increasing in recent years. Coincidentally, I recently uncovered notes I made for a speech I gave 1973 to a large group in California. With a few touch ups, it sounds fitting for today. Here it is: I think all of the healing systems that can be called Holistic share a common belief that the Universe is a unified field of energy that is the origin of all form and substance. This belief is amply expressed in the ancient Chinese Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen in 240 BC). Authorship of this classic was attributed to Huang Di, also referred to as the Great Yellow Emperor, who reigned in the middle of third century BC.
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