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Eze ThankGod ik

What You Must Know About Breast Cancer. - 2 views

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started by Eze ThankGod ik on 17 Jan 09
  • Eze ThankGod ik
    Breast cancer manifests as a harmless tumor at the early stage of development is of two types. These are the malignant tumor, which is life threatening, and the benign tumor, which is a harmless tumor.

    In treating these tumors, the doctor must first understand the type of tumor he is about to remove in order to get the desired result. The approach here is to first remove a small portion of the abnormal tissue, and send it to a pathologist for a microscopic examination, in order to know the exact nature of the tumor. All these will take place while the patient is still lying down on the operating table. When the result is out, the doctor will now know the next line of action to take.

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