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started by Eze ThankGod ik on 10 Dec 08
  • Eze ThankGod ik
    Cancer occurs in different ways, but most or all of them appears as tumors. This is the reason some doctors are of the opinion that it is better to have all tumors examined, whether they show signs of cancer or not, and that they should be removed at the earliest stage if there is any sign or trace of cancer in them. Any long-continued sores on the skin or on the mucous membranes of the body must be examined with the appropriate methods, and if it proves malignant, should be treated immediately without any further delay. Some of the signs to watch out for as signs of cancer are:

    1) A persistent lump or thickening in tissue, especially in the lip, tongue or breast.

    2) When there is an irregular bleeding or blood-tinged discharge from any body opening, including the nipple.

    3) Any sore that does not heal, especially when it is located in the mouth, tongue or lips.

    4) Constant indigestion or loss of appetite, especially in people over fifty years of age.

    5) When you notice a sudden or rapid changes in the form, appearances or rate of growth of a mole or wart.

    6) When you notice a constant change from normal in a bowl action.

    7) Persistent hoarseness, cough, soreness deep in the throat or finding it difficult in swallowing things.

    One thing to note is that pain is not common at the early stages of cancer development, but when the nerve tissue is invaded, or pressed upon, pain will occur. We are not trying to say that one should wait till he or she begins to notice pain before treating a case that looks cancerous, this might result in treating a case very late. Ulceration and secondary infection are common in many cancers, and this causes fever and other general symptoms of infections. Increased anemia, pallor, weakness and emaciation are the most common characteristics of these late signs of cancer, and they are not always easy to explain. They all come late, in the part of the body where there is an attack of cancer. So, waiting to notice them before taking action can really be disastrous.

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