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Eze ThankGod ik

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Alternative medicene Herbs Diabetics Diabetes Excess sugar

started by Eze ThankGod ik on 01 Dec 08
  • Eze ThankGod ik
    Diabetes causes a lot of damage to the body. It damages the pancreas, weakens the kidneys and causes blindness among other problems. However, quality treatment ,especially with the use of herbs, strengthens the kidneys, repairs the pancreas and restores the overall health of the patient. Herbal treatment of diabetes stops sugar and glucose from mixing with the urine, and helps the patient to maintain a normal body balance. Some factors to note in the treatment of diabetes are: Insulin dependent diabetes are more difficult to treat than non-insulin dependent diabetes. Also, worthy of note here is that those that developed diabetes at the ages of 50years and above, responds to the treatment of diabetes faster than those below the age of 40 years. While treating insulin-dependent diabetes, it is recommended that the patient should combine herbal treatment with injection for four weeks. This is to reduce the volume of the insulin content in the body, after which, the injection should be stopped, and the herbal treatment will continue.
  • Daniel Depetris
    Good information!
  • akerss
    Important information, thanks! I'm diabetic too. Recently my test results have been not so good. I have a high blood sugar level. My doctor suggested I buy ozempic here to lower it. But I've read about weight loss as a side effect and I'm a little bit afraid because I'm not in a good condition even now. Does somebody have experience with these meds? Is it that bad?
  • samjonson
    It has been discovered that chemicals and preservatives used in the preservation of canned meat, fish and even fruits, like apples, to give them longer shelf life are toxic to the body and help fibroid growth in women. Also, it has equally been revealed by fertility experts that fertility boosting medications or anything that is high in estrogen will cause fibroid to grow.
  • paulmelton
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