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Tristan Dalsgaard

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Best electronic cigarette cigarettes Visit site V2 Cigs Green Smoke Greensmoke review

started by Tristan Dalsgaard on 15 May 12
  • Tristan Dalsgaard
    Although pink is a fantastic shade for girls, not all girls might like the pink shade for their e-cig. Blu Cigs provide female electronic cigarettes in fashionable black shades. It comes with a bright blue colored LED. The cigarettes charge inside the pack making these cigarettes extremely portable.
    V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarettes for Women

    V2 Cigs are also meant for existing e-cig users. The V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes for ladies have a lengthy and fashionable looking battery. These cigarettes come in great looking white, black or stainless steel shades. The V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes come in manual as nicely as automatic modes. They are ideal for females who do not prefer pink or girlish shades.

    The Secure Cig Electronic Cigarette - Review

    If you have tried to give up your habit of smoking, but none of the electronic cigarettes truly helped you get the exact feel of smoking then it is time you tried the Protected Cigs Micro Electronic Cigarettes. The Protected Cig Electronic Cigarette is the brand that has introduced world's smallest electronic cigarette, The Protected Cig Micro. The Protected Cig Micro is the world's smallest Electronic Cigarette and it is obtainable in all 3 primary conventional Safe Cig Flavors. Now other flavors have also been added.The Micro Battery is only 5.5 cms extended. It has a diameter 1/8 cms and it lasts for just a single or two smoking hours.

    The Protected Cig Micro Pack typically comes with

    A pair of Micro Batteries
    One USB Charger
    Seven Refills

    The Secure Cig Electronic Cigarette Kit

    The Secure Cig Starter Kit which is available for $69.95 contains

    A single battery
    One USB Charger which is compatible with any USB Port on any personal computer
    A wall charger
    five pack of Refill Cartridges

    The Safe Cig Starter Kit is perfect for casual or social smokers. If you take pleasure in taking a handful of puffs with your pals, The Secure Cig Starter Kit will serve economical for you.

    The Protected Cig Flavors

    The Secure Cig might not be everyone's selection. The Secure Cig could not be the ideal choose for flavor lovers. The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarettes have been developed solely for recreational purposes and to provoke smokers to quit. For this really purpose, the Safe Cigs only have conventional authentic cigarette flavors like Tobacco and Menthol. They do not introduce citrus and chocolate flavors so that nonsmokers and kids who are vulnerable are not caught by but an additional addiction.

    Initially the Safe Cig in three typical flavors, Standard Safe Cig, Classic Secure Cig and Menthol Safe Cig. With the introduction of Micro in 2011, they have also introduced 10 a lot more new flavors. The Flavor names listed beneath are rather sophisticated and targeting smokers. Here are the new flavors now accessible in Protected Cig -


    The Secure Cig Battery

    The Secure Cig smokeless cigarette is produced to possess a high vapor volume in order to replicate smoke from the tobacco cigarette. This will be substantial to the cigarette smoker, since this provides them the sensation of smoking a conventional cigarette. All these factors makes Blu Cigs a solid brand in e-Cigarettes that is here to keep.Best electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes

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