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started by halfmarathon on 22 Apr 14
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    What is a half marathon? As the name suggests, this running event is half the distance of a usual marathon. It covers the distance of about 21.0975 kilometres. According to a respected organization, half marathon is one of the fastest growing road running events in the USA. Moreover, running for a half marathon is both amusing and challenging. Amusing in the sense, you get to meet different people and challenging in the sense of your body. However, before you run a half marathon, you should go for a proper training. Otherwise, you won't be able to make it till the finishing line.

    Kick start your training for half marathon

    When it comes to begin with the training for this road running event, there are plenty of things to consider. However, one of the most important things that people often overlook is their lifestyles. Diet and sleep are very important in order to support your training. So, you should not take them for granted. Without a balanced diet, running for a long distance can make you exhausted and you might collapse on the middle of the road. While running, your body needs a huge amount of energy and your muscles need to be strong. In order to achieve the same, your body needs carbohydrates and proteins. So, before starting off with your training, know your body.

    Plan your training

    Before getting started with your training for a half marathon, you need to work out your current fitness and running level. This will help you settle on the type of training you need. In case, you are doubtful about your fitness level, talking to your doctor would be a great idea. Your doctor will examine your body and will tell you about your fitness level and advice you with the type of training you should go for. Also, he or she will also advise you whether you should go for the half marathon or not. So, you should always seek professional help, when in doubt.

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    Keep yourself motivated

    You might have heard the popular saying - 'self help is the best help'. It's only you who can keep your spirits high and make sure that you can make it till the finishing line of the race. Do remember that when you participate in a mass event, that too road running, there could be a number of hurdles that might come your way like - unwelcoming weather and bad road conditions. Therefore, training your brain is, as important as, training your body. This will help you make it to the end, in spite of all the hurdles that will come your way (if any). This should be one of the main inclusions of your half marathon training plan.

    Go for an efficient and competent trainer

    As far as getting proper marathon training is concerned, first of all you need a competent trainer. Your trainer will help and guide you all throughout your training period. He or she will also help you know important tricks that will help you till the end of the race. Efficient trainers will also give you a diet chart prior to your training. Eating according to it will make sure that you get all the required nutrients that will help you maintain a high energy level and increase your stamina.
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    Here is a worldwide half marathon calendar for 2016-17 --
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    Runner's World has a really good topic page all about half marathons. It includes half marathon training plans, tips for getting faster, and more.

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