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started by Lemon Bland on 20 May 12
  • Lemon Bland

    To maintain your homes in good working condition all throughout every season, here is list of vital areas that should become a part of your bi-annual property evaluation and home maintenance:

    1. Top and gutters

    2. Attic

    3. Chimneys and fireplaces

    4. HEATING AND COOLING systems - Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

    5. Filters

    6. Plumbing fixtures

    7. Windows, panels and sidings

    8. Attic

    9. Foundation and walls

    10. Safety equipment : fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc.

    Home Maintenance Cost

    Property maintenance cost, each year, for average homes range with 1% to 3% of the overall value entrance and still changes depending on the age of the house. As the age of the structure increases, so does the home maintenance cost.

    Having a great idea on how much to cover maintenance is important. Aside with scheduled cleaning, replacements and tune-ups; it is also important to leave an money for unexpected repairs. Unexpected repairs are inevitable and getting caught off-hand can get you into financial trouble.

    How to Save on Home Maintenance Cost

    As they simply all would say, an ounce of prevention surpasses a pound of cure and this is exactly what home maintenance is all about. To avoid an overstated charge, creating a checklist and religiously sticking to it is necessary. This schedule should include every week, monthly, bi-annual and yearly chores and tasks. Aside from lined-up tasks, make a regular evaluation of the property and house to know if any area is looking for attention. The best way to avoid wasting on home repair and maintenance cost is always to avoid the aggravation of no matter what damage.
    There are a multitude of reasons to care for your carpet concerning health and well being of you and your friends and family. Mainly it eats up all the dust and dirt to keep your floor and furniture clean. But actually dealing more than that. A beautiful and clean carpet on your property reflects your financial stature and also your knack for fashion. But so as to preserve health in your house and stick to the good impression on company, you need to maintain your carpet.

    That may be little tricky, but not in the event you pay heed to simple instructions to maintain your carpet. The most important things that people usually forget is they live on their carpet. So, leaving it unclean may ask diseases and infection. Vacuuming your carpet daily is a wise way to keep the idea clean. But carpets still get dusty and dingy once in a while, especially when children are available. That's the right time to call in the professionals. Why a skilled? Well, cleaning a carpet needs definite understanding of carpet materials. They would also select the best cleaning procedure and chemicals. Taking the effort without any experience and proper knowledge can result in terrible accidents. That's why people generally care for the vacuuming part and leaves the others for professionals.

    Experts recommend vacuuming your carpet at the least twice a week. This stops the dust particles from falling deeper the thread lines on the carpet. If dust and dirt reaches the deeper threads to your carpet, they moisten the fiber and before very long, mites and ticks will be having feast inside your carpet. Which I am afraid is not healthy at all. carpet cleaning staten island

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