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Maluvia Haseltine

Xeros - 'Waterless' washing machine cleans using nylon beads! - 0 views

    Wow - this is really awesome! Reduce water usage by 90%, and energy consumption by 98% in washing a typical load. Brilliant.

Top 5 Magical Secret Codes For Android-Latest Hidden Mobile Codes Collection-freeapksit... - 0 views

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Top 5 Magical Secret Codes For Android-Latest Hidden Mobile Codes Collection-Freeapksite - 0 views

Magical Secret Codes For Phones: As you know that is a best site for download free android apps and android games.Here you can find every type of Android App & Android ...

renewable technology

started by ghulammustafa on 26 Jan 19 no follow-up yet
Verny Gregory

How the Use of Electronic Gadgets is Affecting our Lives - 0 views

    The use of electronic gadgets is deeply rooted in our day to day life style. We use it for almost every small work. But one must be aware of the fact that if not utilized properly we will be left with nothing, not even good technology. Focus must be on optimum usage of these resources by opting for recycling methods.
Philip Solars

The Right Solar Panel! - 1 views

As an environmentalist, I really want to help conserve energy to preserve Mother Nature. I want to be as eco-friendly as I can be. My advocacy was empowered by National Solar Traders. They have pro...

started by Philip Solars on 20 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Skeptical Debunker

Bloom Energy Promises Cheap, Emissions-Free Power From a Small Box | Popular Science - 0 views

  • The Bloom Box idea came from K.R. Sridhar, a former NASA rocket scientist who once built a similar box device to generate oxygen on Mars for future colonists. Sridhar simply turned the concept on its head by pumping oxygen into the box, along with fuel. The oxygen and fuel combine within a new type of fuel cell to create the chemical reaction that makes electricity. There's also no need for power lines coming in from an outside source, and Sridhar envisions the box eventually providing energy wirelessly to homes and businesses. That could do away with traditional power plants and the power grid. Such transformative power may only come about if the Bloom Box fuel cells can work reliably and efficiently -- other fuel cell technologies have proven notoriously finicky. Sridhar makes his fuel cells based on cheap sand-based ceramics, coated with special green and black "inks" that allow for the chemical reaction which makes electricity. One of the simple disks can power a light bulb, and a stack of 64 disks with cheap metal plates in between them can supposedly power a Starbucks. And unlike fuel cells that require pure hydrogen, the Bloom Box can use fuels ranging from natural gas to bio-gas.
    A boxy power plant that could one day produce efficient, inexpensive, clean energy in every home might sound like a pipe dream, but it's the very real product of a Silicon Valley startup called Bloom Energy. Twenty large corporations that include Google, FedEx, Walmart and eBay have already purchased and begun testing the Bloom Boxes. 60 Minutes recently got a sneak peek at this possibly game-changing energy device.
    Here's SOME of the "rubs". How long will the device's last and what are the maintenance costs (if any)? What will the cost of the fuel be and how much is used? Will the manufacturing process "scale up nicely" (and easily) so that "economies of scale" will actually bring the price of a home-system down to around $3-5K? Will the price of the system, its maintenance, and fuel actually come out to be significantly less than the price of "grid delivered" electricity? Without "good enough" answers to such questions, this system may be more of a good remote generation facility than a grid replacement.
tahseen kamal

Role of polymers in technology - 0 views

polymer chemistry x-ray physics nanotechnology

started by tahseen kamal on 27 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Alex Parker

The Psychology of the Smart Grid - 1 views

    Researcher Alexa Spence has spent years looking at the psychological issues around recent advances in energy technology, from uncovering the value of the 'freeloading' flatmate in reducing domestic consumption to studying how businesses can motivate staff to reduce energy usage.
Verny Gregory

Initiatives Taken by UAE for Effective E-waste Management - 0 views

    UAE emerges among top 3 countries in the world with the highest number of digitally connected consumers. Having said that, the increase in usage of electronic devices has resulted in a drastic rise in e-waste generation. To address this growing concern, UAE has started doing its bit to manage it more effectively. To know more, have a look at the latest smart trends going on in UAE for e-waste recycling. Also, check out how Veracity World - The Green Industry For E-waste Recycling is contributing towards the betterment of the environment, health and overall well being of citizens in UAE.
Alex Parker

What does the future hold for hydropower energy? - 1 views

    What does the future hold for the world's largest renewable energy source, hydropower? Hydropower is an incredibly old source of energy, tracing its usage back to the watermills that have been a staple of civilisations since ancient times. Today, it is the largest source of renewable energy in the world, with an installed capacity of over 1126GW in 2018. Hydropower is particularly prominent in China, where the world's largest power station Three Gorges power plant in Hubei province produces 22.5GW. Other massive projects also dot the country, including the Xilodu (12.3GW) and Longtan (6.3GW) dams.
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