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Alissa Waller

Affordable Wind Power - 0 views

    Renewable energy source from wind. Interesting read.

:: BPI Worldwide Inc. :: - 0 views

shared by juliette_h on 20 Sep 07 - Cached
    • juliette_h
      One pretty big green scam...

Expedition to the North Pole: French Oil Giant to Measure Arctic Melt - International -... - 1 views

    The new Total greenwash: lavishing money to measure the effect of global warming on arctic ice...

Planktos - Home - 0 views

shared by juliette_h on 29 Jul 07 - Cached
  • Planktos Restores Ecosystems and Slows Climate Change
    Removing CO2 from our oceans and atmosphere by healing the
    seas, growing new climate forests, and erasing carbon footprints.
    • juliette_h
      The ultimate greenwash: dump waste in the ocean (a protected area if possible) and pretend you're doing loads of good...
Eoin Dubsky

International Nuclear Forum - Nuclear Energy and Climate Change - 0 views

  • Nuclear energy is a necessary technology to help prevent climate change.

    Nuclear is part of the solution.

    • Eoin Dubsky
      See Greenpeace's briefing "Climate Change - Nuclear Not the Answer" (PDF)
Eoin Dubsky

7steps | Greenpeace International - 0 views

    Greenpeace International 7 steps climate campaign signup page.
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