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Shanti Dynamite Beats Sunny Leone, Veena Malik and Poonam Pandey! - 1 views

  • Asian women are believed to be amongst the most beautiful in the world. But then, who are the sexiest amongst all the Asian women? Britain's leading Asian newspaper Eastern Eye annually compiles a list of the 50 sexiest Asian women. With the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai and many others prevailing as some of the hottest women in Asia, Shanti Dynamite has come nothing short of a blast as she just joined the exclusive list of 50 most sexiest women from Asia. Shanti Dynamite was ranked at number 48 as a latest entrant, by beating Bollywood most controversial actress Sunny Leone, Veena Malik and Poonam Pandey. The top 3 are Katrina who tops the rank, Priyanka coming second, and Drashti Dhami third. Playboy popular TV star Shanti Dynamite who hosts adult chat show in UK , she began her career as a teenager, starting as a glamour model on the popular hotel Voyeur, A UK based topless show and she is all set to enter Bollywood.

    Clearly delighted, Shanti Dynamite said: "I'm hugely flattered. That's a nice surprise and a lot of fun to hear.  Who wouldn't want to have a title like this bestowed on them! A big shouts out to everyone who voted for me."

    Shanti Dynamite spokesperson Satish Reddy said, "Yes I have been handling Veena Malik and Poonam Pandey and now I am happy that Shanti had made her entrant into the list very soon. I am lucky that my client got listed in top 50 Asia's Sexiest Women list."

    Other notable stars in this year's list include Sonam Kapoor (5), Parineeti Chopra (14), Sophie Choudry (21), Mehreen Syed (22), Sunidhi Chauhan (28), Ankita Lokhande (29), Hina Khan (31) and Shreya Ghoshal (43).  The oldest women in the list were Bollywood icons Madhuri Dixit (23) and Sridevi (40).

I am glad to be a part of Bollywood, says Sunny Leone! - 1 views

  • Sunny Leone comes in a brand new avatar with Sachiin Joshi in Kaizad Gustad's Jackpot. With Ragini MMS delaying the release, looks like Jackpot will be the first to hit the theatres after Jism2. Though the earlier film saw Sunny Leone's oomph factor, this one along with the oomph, also promises a lot of style and content from this actress alongside muscular Sachiin Joshi. Faisal Saif enters in a small chit-chat with Sunny Leone...

    What does Bollywood mean to you?
    Bollywood is an industry that has welcomed me with open arms. And I am glad to be part of Bollywood.

    Why did you sign Jackpot?
    The film has a very interesting story. Sachiin Joshi and I hang out in the same circles. And I am the brand ambassador of his energy drink brand XXX. Kaizad's narration was excellent and I liked the content and style appealed to me. And Naseer saab was in. And that was a great feeling.

    Naseeruddin Shah is one of the greatest actors of India. What is your experience working with him?
    He is amazing. He makes you feel so much at ease. I am blessed.

    Are you learning Hindi and Dance?
    Yes. Even during the shoot of Jackpot, I was busy with Ragini MMS dance in the evening. There is so much to be done.

    Tell us about your role in Jackpot?
    I play Maya in Jackpot. The role has varied shades. On one hand, I am the manager of Naseeruddin Shah's casino, and on the other hand, I am the love interest of Francis essayed by Sachiin. And all of us are cons out to out with one another. You don't know which side of the fence Maya is on, or whether she is fence herself. And in that lies the interest.

Don't regret not doing Fast and Furious 7, says Deepika Padukone! - 0 views

  • It is a known fact that Deepika Padukone was approached for the seventh part of Hollywood flick Fast and Furious, but due to her recent released film Ram Leela, she couldn’t take it up. However, the gorgeous actress says she does not regret being unable to make her debut in English film world.

    “I don't regret it. I had to work out things for Ram Leela here, I couldn't have left the process mid way, and I had given my commitment here first. Looking at the way the film Ram Leela has got response, I feel good as my hard work has paid off,” shares the long less.

    Deepika, 27, make her plans clear that she is still open to doing films whenever the right offer comes up. “I would love to do a Hollywood film. The reason for me to do a Hollywood film is same as what I do here in Bollywood,” averred Deepika.

    The diva, who is basking in the success with back-to-back superhit films, says she is open even if the role is small in Hollywood film. She said, “There is nothing like a small role. The role has to be of impact, this is what matters, the length of it doesn't. A good actor can make a presence felt even in a short time.”

    Deepika is currently busy shooting for Farah Khan’s upcoming film Happy New Year, which stars her two-film co-star Shahrukh Khan along with Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, and Jackie Shroff among more. The first shooting schedule of filming has completed in Dubai. As per the reports that a major portion of the film will be shot in the prestigious Palm Islands, three artificial islands off the coast of Dubai.

Sunny Leone's Jackpot director feels blessed to have worked with her! - 0 views

  • Porn star Sunny Leone is coming back with her ultra sizzling appearance in Kaizad Gustad’s thriller Jackpot. It would be her second Bollywood film after Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2. She has also done an item song Leela Teri in Shootout Out Wadala.

    She has impressed director Kaizad Gustad, who is making his re-entry in filmmaking after a long period. His last film was Katrina Kaif starrer Boom, released in 2003. About working with Sunny Leone, he said, “Excited may be the wrong word. But yes, I'm happy to have worked with her. Sunny is a professional and it was fantastic directing her because she is always trying to give every shot her best. She is always asking questions and I like that about her. I'm blessed to have worked with her.”

    Producer-turned-actor Sachiin Joshi has been roped in to play opposite Sunny in the film that also features Naseeruddin Shah. About casting, Kaizad said, “I had written the script of Jackpot two years ago in Goa, during the rains. Then I just let it be. Most filmmakers are very possessive about their scripts. I usually leave my first draft sitting for a while. And, then I revisit it. Also, I do not write scripts with an actor in mind. I usually write and then do my casting. Coming to the bit about why Sachiin, well, we met socially and he asked me whether I was working on something. So, I told him about Jackpot. He liked the idea and was ready to roll almost immediately. And, I felt that he suited the role of a street-smart Goan local.”

    Jackpot is releasing on December 13, 2013.

Sofia Hayat is evicted from Bigg Boss 7! - 0 views

  • The British singer-cum-actress Sofia Hayat, who entered as a wild card entrant a few weeks back, is dropped out from Bigg Boss 7 house. Though initially, she entered the caravan section of the house, she soon stepped into the main Bigg Boss house where she mingled with all the contestants. She came out with a lot of spunk and never-say-die attitude in the show.

    However, post her fight with housemate Armaan Kohli, she was not feeling good in the house. Even at a point of time, she managed to create controversies and demanded to evict Armaan from the house. During a task Armaan supposedly hit the lady with the mop stick and she wanted to move out of the house.

    Sofia also made good friends in form of Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon, Andy and Kamya Punjabi. She joined Gauhar and Kamya’s hands and played the game while adopting the divide and rule tactic. But situations did not work in her favor and she ended up switching sides between Armaan-Tanisha and Gauhar-Kamya. Owing to her double-faced and deceitful nature, she attracted a lot of criticism from the housemates and was often referred to as Kerosene.

    Over all, she receives mixed feedbacks from her followers. Talking on her experience, Sofia Hayat said, “I had never watched a single season of Bigg Boss and had a very little idea about what I was getting into. But at the end of my journey in the house, I have learned a lot of things and was able to sail through all the testing times. Having said that, I do not regret a single moment spent in the house, though I faced disagreement with many people in the house.”

    Wish you luck for the future endeavors.

Media got the taste of Katrina Kaif's mood swings! - 0 views

  • With world’s sexiest Asain women title for the fourth time, Katrina Kaif, seems getting too big to her moods. Known for her composed nature, something always appreciated by media, she recently came out throwing starry tantrums to all. During a promotional event for a jewellery brand in Dubai everyone got a taste of her mood swings.

    She kept the organizers and media person rescheduling her commitments until the frustrated media decided to call it a day. If this was not enough, Katrina made it clear that she would not answer any questions on steady date Ranbir Kapoor. The whole drama was followed by a test to her team, “Cancel all my one-on-one interviews.”

    As per the sources, “The scribes were stumped at this sudden turn of events and many decided to leave. For those who decided to stay back, it was a long wait. The diva made her grand appearance for the press con, scheduled at 2.30 pm, two hours late. It was brief and without meat. Next was a visit to the retail outlets. Katrina sent out another message asking her team to cancel the visit to the third venue because she wasn't happy with the security arrangements there.” The venue was located in the densely populated Meena Bazaar and following her concerns, the security was promptly doubled but the actress still refused to budge from her stand.

    The drama not ends here. When the day was about to end, Katrina had another change of heart. She messaged her team asking them to call all members of the press back to the first venue at 6.15 pm. By now the journalists had enough of her starry tantrums and when the star reached the venue hardly a handful had turned up, among them a leading TV channel. Spotting it, Katrina went into a tizzy again, stating that she was not prepared for interviews with the electronic media.

    That’s not appreciated!

Cash is the best husband in the world, says Jessica Alba! - 0 views

  • Happily married to producer Cash Warren, actress Jessica Alba finds the former best hubby in the world. Alba, 32 says that it wouldn’t have been possible for her to juggle with her film career, eco-friendly baby products line, new lifestyle book and also raising daughters Honor-five, and Haven, two, had not her hubby supported her.

    "Cash is the best husband in the world. I would not have been able to keep my company going and do the book if I didn`t have him there for me and help with the children. He is always very considerate and understanding of who I am and my goals. We complement each other very well," said Alba.

    At the same time, the couple also manages to make some time for each other as they feel it is really necessary for a marriage to work. "We make sure we have enough time to be together where we can shut out the world. My parents are always coming over so Cash and I can go out on the town or I will make a special dinner for us.

    "Those are the moments that are special and important when you`re a couple raising young children together and so much of your time revolves around getting your kids dressed, feeding them, getting them ready for school and into bed. It`s important to have nights for yourself," said Alba.

    Good going, Alba!

2013 has been my worst year, says Priyanka Chopra! - 0 views

  • From dearest Daddy’s death to a series of flop films or item songs, Priyanka Chopra has also experienced some of the sheer adventures in the year 2013 that has been turning a mix of failure and success for the actress.

    She has launched her second album Exotic, which was opened on a great note. She has also become the first Indian celebrity to endorse the international fashion brand Guess. She brought a Roll Royce worth Rs. 2 crore that raised many eye-brows around the country. Well, this is a short list of PC’s most talked stints she had done in the year.

    A lot has been written about PC’s new car. Google has been flooded up the odd story on 'who gifted PC the Rolls? Priyanka explained, “It's the first one I'm getting. It's not like I'm a car fiend. This one was to commemorate... well, my mom said I deserved one now. It was her idea.” “Why can't a woman be an achiever enough to buy herself a car, a diamond, a home - and I work bloody hard to get everything I do. I mean, I have no problem if someone gifts me a car, either, but if it is a gift, I'll say it is. I have nothing to hide. But it's mine,” she added.

    In that context, has 2013 been the most happening year of your life? “It's been the worst year of my life. Personally, I don't think there has been a worse year. It's such a dichotomy,” concluded Priyanka.

    “I think people want honest points of view now,” said Priyanka Chopra when sources asked her to put flesh light on her recent statement- “If art inspires crime, than Ajanta and Kamasutra should be banned,” said Priyanka adding, “As a film actor, people have a certain expectation about what your opinions will be - but I usually have contrary opinions, and hence, am always in trouble.”

Saif and I would have loved to buy a bungalow, says Kareena Kapoor! - 0 views

  • Buying property in metro city like Mumbai is not an easy deal to seal. Many successful and rich actors, like Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha among many have been house-hunting for a longest time, but in vain. All has been unsuccessful in finding an appropriate property.

    Bollywood’s one of the richest couples, Saif Ali Khan, the nawab of Pataudi, along with superstar wife Kareena Kapoor always wanted to live in a see-facing bungalow. Recently, the couple has bought four floors in a Bandra building, but Bebo admits, “Saif and I would have loved to build or buy a bungalow. We even looked for one before we settled on our current address. However, there aren't bungalows that met with our taste.”

    Apart from the couple, there is list of actors who are craving for their own space in the most crowded city of the nation. It is said that Mumbai, whose landscape now resembles Shanghai, is growing vertically and with each passing day, the bungalows are fast disappearing into the metamorphosing skyline.

    Bollywood style icon Priyanka Chopra is looking for a sea-facing bungalow in the stretch between Bandra and Juhu for almost two years but she hasn’t found any yet. Even Katrina Kaif, who has been recording cash at box-office, got failed to find her dream property. On the other hand, Sonam Kapoor is happy that her father Anil Kapoor is not tempted to raze their bungalow to the ground and bring in a high rise instead, at least just as yet.

    Shatrughan Sinha’s darling daughter Sonakshi Sinha fails to understand why her parents have demolished their bungalow Ramayan to convert it into a tall building. Salman Khan has reportedly acquired a huge property in the suburbs.

Huma Qureshi follows Salman Khan ardently! - 0 views

  • Least people know that Gang of Wasseypur fame, Huma Qureshi, is a big fan of bollywood superstar Salman Khan. She admires the Dabangg actor ardently and recently gets the chance to meet him on the sets of Bigg Boss 7. The beautiful actress, along with Madhuri Dixit, visited the TV reality show for the promotions of their upcoming film Dedh Ishqiya.

    It was weekend ka wow episode and Salman Khan introduced the two beautiful actresses on the sets through a dance performance with each. During the interaction time, shy girl Huma revealed that she is a big fan of Salman Khan. She also went inside the Bigg Boss 7 house and from there she said, “I am a big fan of yours and that is the reason, I watch Bigg Boss.”

    Huma’s revelation brought smile on Salman’s face and he replied to her by saying, “Arre, aap ne pehle kyu nahi bataya agar bataati toh mere saath yahan hoti.”

    Huma made her feature-film debut with a supporting role in the 2012 critically acclaimed crime drama Gangs of Wasseypur - Part 1 and Part 2 as Mohsina. Her performance won wide critical acclaim, earning several nominations in the Best Supporting Actress and Best Female Debut category (including the Filmfare). The following year, she was the lead in romantic comedy Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, a commercial flop; however, her performance was praised by film critics.

    Her next Dedh Ishqiya is releasing on January 10, 2014.

Samrat to call off his wedding with Urmi in Doli Armaanon Ki! - 0 views

  • The latest offering of Zee TV, Doli Armaanon Ki, starring with Mohit Malik as Samrat and Neha Marda as Urmi has been started throwing in new surprises. In the past few episodes one could notice that Urmi, like every girl, is eagerly waiting for her wedding day. She has found her dream man in Samrat but it seems the makers have some thrilling plans to bring in her love story.

    In the coming episode Urmi will get a shock when she gets to know that Samrat is a man who does not believe in the importance of wedding rituals. And to make matters worse, her reaction will inflate Samrat’s ego and he will go on to call-off his marriage with Urmi.

    As per the sources, “Samrat will be about to be applied haldi, he will get an official call informing him about an urgent meeting fixed at the same time. Samrat being a person who gives utmost importance to his work, will walk off without completing the haldi ritual.”

    Ishaan (Siddharth Arora) will hide this truth from Urmi when she will ask about the ritual. He will inform her that Samrat did finish the haldi ceremony. “Samrat’s parents will cover up for their son. But Urmi will later on get to know the truth from Samrat himself, as he will spill the beans saying that he walked out without applying haldi as he had a meeting lined up. This will make Urmi angry and she will confront Ishaan and ask him why he had to cover up for his best friend,” added sources.

    Urmi’s loud response on the situation will put Samrat to rethink on his marriage decision. He always wanted to marry a girl, who is dutiful and silent, but Urmi’s tenacity to speak her mind and scold his best friend Ishaan will not go down well with Samrat, and he will tell his family that he has decided to call-off the wedding.

    It would be a big shocker not only for Urmi but for her parents as well.

Songs of the Kashmir valley echo in Highway! - 0 views

  • Films capture journeys but in Imtiaz Ali's much-awaited Highway, the journey has made the film. Presented by Sajid Nadiadwala and starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda, the film traverses six states of north India and captures the landscape of the different regions as it goes along.

    Highway Diaries, are short video snippets that capture the journey of the film and all the exciting experiences that the cast and crew had during its making.

    In the latest episode of Highway Diaries titled 'Songs of the Valley', Imtiaz Ali is seen sitting with gujari folk singer Begum Jaan and her group, engrossed in  their music, while shooting for' Highway' at Aru valley in Kashmir. He says, “...while it (the song) should connect with the larger experience that Veera (Alia's character) has in the film, it should still be about that time and place..and its music."

    The film comes out in February!

Aamir Khan once again with his daredevil stunts! - 0 views

  • Aamir Khan, who got on the bike for scenes, in his big hit, Ghulam, which was released some years ago, gets on the bike once again for his next release, Dhoom 3. Vikram Bhatt’s Ghulam went on to become one of the biggest blockbusters of that year.

    While Aamir was seen riding a light weighing bike in Ghulam, the actor will now be seen riding a heavier bike in his big film, Dhoom 3. It is a high end, stylish BMW bike. The actor will be performing breath taking stunts on the bike in the film. Aamir went through special training to perform the stunts on the bike.

    Also there were safety measures that had to be taken before shooting the stunts on the bike. Dhoom 3 is slated to release on 20th December.

I wouldn`t model with my underwear down the runway anymore, says Heidi Klum! - 0 views

  • Former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Heidi Klum has made an announcement that she has decided against walking the ramp in lingerie anymore. Klum, 40, who in the past has been most sought-after bikini model, says that now she finds it all quite uncomfortable now.

    "I wouldn`t model with my underwear down the runway anymore. I think I would find it a little uncomfortable, maybe," said Klum, who also pressed on the fact that she wouldn’t discontinue taking modelling assignments. "I still do photoshoots for covers and different things or advertising stuff," she added.

    On the other note, even though the actress once turned up dressing as a 95-year-old woman for Halloween bash. She was dolled-up with wrinkles and age spots, still, she isn’t scared of getting old. In fact, the model says that she won’t ever go for plastic surgery, as she finds the idea very scary. "I've never done anything," said the 40-year-old on Thursday. "I've been too scared, to be honest with you."

    While speaking to the sources recently, the model said that she has not yet taken fillers or injections for those pesky lines on her forehead. "Botox or bangs," she laughed. "I go for bangs. I'm scared that all of a sudden you're changing too much, your face starts changing," the mom of four said. "I would have a hard time looking in the mirror and seeing something that I'm not used to seeing. I'd be afraid!"

    Well said!

Jai Ho poster is painted by Salman Khan! - 0 views

  • It is a known fact that Salman Khan likes to paint a canvas. And to our surprise, he is the one who painted the poster of his upcoming film Jai Ho, got released recently. It is for the first time when Dabangg star took the brush in hand and figured out a painting for a film. Till then, we got to know about his skills only from his close friends who received his works of art as gifts in the past.

    It is said that Salman was enthusiastic to have his fans on his flagship poster, so thousands of faces have been merged to make a close up shot of him. “Salman, along with brother Sohail Khan (who is directing the film as well as producing it along with Sunil Lulla) were keen to have something special as the first imagery of the film, as they are coming together after a long time,” informed sources.

    Produced by Eros International and Sohail Khan Productionz, Jai Ho is coming out in theatres on January 24. Interestingly, this movie would be his next release after Ek Tha Tiger, which hit theatres almost one and a half year back, making it the longest gap ever between his film releases.

    As per the sources, fans queued up on his social networking page to be a part of the poster, which the actor drew and gave to his digital team to incorporate. In fact, the Jai Ho font is in the actor's hand writing itself.

    Impressive art-work, we must say!

Shahid Kapoor surprises the Shanatics at R…Rajkumar's special screening! - 0 views

  • The much awaited film, R…Rajkumar which released on 6th December, had a special screening organized by Shahid Kapoor’s fans, who call themselves - Shanatics. However, it was the Shanatics who received a surprise when Shahid made a special appearance during the film’s interval.

    The ‘Shanatics’, organized a special screening of R… Rajkumar, where the actor opposite Sonakshi Sinha, is seen at his tapori best. Running houseful with Shahid’s die-hard fans, the theatre was filled with whistling, clapping, cheering and of course, plenty of standing ovations for the masaaledar entertainer.

    Just when the cheering couldn’t get any louder, the Shanatics were left stunned when Shahid made a special appearance. He gave his fans a pleasant surprise with his visit and interacted with them.

    R...Rajkumar is produced by Sunil Lulla of Eros International and Viki Rajani of Next gen films. Directed by Prabhudheva, the film released on 6th December.

Niaa Sharma is back as a host of MTV Webbed! - 0 views

  • After winning million fans as the protagonist, Maanvi, in Star Plus’ hit show Ek Hazaaro Mein Meri Behena Hai, the pretty and vivacious Niaa Sharma went missing from the screen.

    And now, she is coming back with a new show. She will anchor the finale episode of MTV Webbed, being produced by Lost Boy Productions and Balaji Telefilms. It is based on cyber crime and the final episode will air on 15 December 2013. Actors like Veebha Anand, Vrinda Dawda and Chestha Bhagat will be seen in the finale episode.

    Confirming the report, Niaa said, “Yes, I have already shot for the final episode and it was super fun shooting after a while now. I got opportunity to showcase my hosting skills after a long time. I did anchor a bit during my school days. In daily soaps, you have to enact a character but here I have to be myself. I always wanted to be a part of a youth show and I am happy to host MTV Webbed.”

    Talking about anchoring whether she would like to do more in the same field or concentrate more on acting, Niaa said, “Yes, I would love to. But according to me, hosting business is male dominated in Indian television. The way men can mimic or crack any kind of joke, it connects with viewers. It doesn’t mean female can’t do it but daily soaps are female oriented and anchoring is male dominated.”

    Indeed, good news for her fans!

When Elli Avram postponed a fashion show! - 0 views

  • It is generally said that with success people change their attitude, something that create hiccups for the others. And in case of Elli Avram, who have nothing to credit her success expect her worthy appearance in Salman Khan’s TV show Bigg Boss, things are same. The girl, who caught many eyes appearing in TV show, is reportedly started showing starry tantrums to industrywalas.

    The model-turned-actress is getting too big for her boots. These days, she is flooded with offered coming her way from each corner of Tinseltown. Recently, she was assigned to be the showstopper at a fashion show in Delhi. However, due to her weak healthy, as per her spokesperson, the event got postponed from December 4 to December 6 at the last hour.

    Not only, had the organizer to bear the financial load, but also criticism. Fashion designer Nitya Bajaj, who helmed the event, also confirmed the report. Her manager slated the event as per Elli’s dates. All was well till Nitya was informed, on the day of the event, that Elli was unwell and wouldn't be available. “The venue was booked, the press releases had been sent out. Nitya managed to push the show forward to December 6, but since the venue had to be re-booked, it doubled the cost of the show,” informed the source, adding that Elli didn't even inform Nitya in person about the change of plans.

    Nitya said, “Yes, because of Elli's health problems, I had to shift the show date and have suffered losses due to that.” However, a friend of Elli, who stood up for her informed sources that they sent message to organizers that she was unwell on December 3. “Without her consent, they committed to December 6th and an ill Elli flew to Delhi and fulfilled her commitment,” he said.

    Elli also added, “I attended the show and did whatever was asked of me despite my ill health.”

Ranbir plans to take Katrina out on New Year eve! - 0 views

  • Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif's last romantic sojourn hogged limelight after pictures of their Ibiza stint, her in a mismatched bikini and him in shorts, were leaked. But that does not seem to have deterred the twosome as they are planning a vacation on New Year Eve. This time they are set to usher in 2014 in New York.

    Their good friends Karan Johar, Ayan Mukerji and Manish Malhotra will also join them in the celebration. According to the little birdie, “Ranbir has wrapped up a small portion of Jagga Jasoos and his schedule is such that personal commitments don't hinder his film. Katrina too has worked out a plan to leave the city in the last week of December. They will be joined by Karan Johar, Ayan Mukerji and Manish Malhotra.”

    It is known that last year Karan and Manish brought in the New Year in Dubai while Ranbir and Katrina celebrated in the States. However, this time, the whole gang is planning a huge celebration in New York.

    Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos features Katrina-Ranbir together and has completed first schedule of shooting.

No Gandi Baat for singer Ritu Pathak! - 0 views

  • Singer Ritu Pathak, who charmed many music lovers with her voice and has given memorable songs to Bollywood like Volume Kam Kar Papa Jag from Housefull 2 and Jalebi Bai is all to create new record with Gandi Baat with Prabhudeva’s R...Rajkumar.

    The singer is known for her unique style and about the same, she said, “I am happy to sing different songs and Jalebi Bai gave me the popularity. So, it is fun and learning experience to sing songs like Gandi Baat.”

    “I think that my voice is apt for Sonakshi Sinha and the song has come well for the actress. It was a great experience singing different song and such songs are always catchy in youngsters,” added Ritu. The singer has long way to go in Bollywood with her style and thinks that it has been kind towards her.
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