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Machinima Marmalade

(Blue Sky) Attending Classes in Google Earth? - 74 views

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started by Machinima Marmalade on 25 Apr 08
  • Machinima Marmalade
    Hello All,

    I'm a noob to Diigo and this group, so I thought I would post an idea that I'm interested in and try to get the noob thing over with asap.

    I use Google Earth, SketchUp, and YouTube to pre-vis my dissertation topic (Media Display Prisms) and after playing around with these tools as a pre-vis technique, I, what if Google Earth could actually DO something like this?

    Hence my first topic question: What if students and instructors could either/or/and attend campus classes by "flying" to them in Google Earth? I don't think we are "there" yet to make this happen, but what about in 5-10 yrs? A sort of Metaverse Roadmap Offramp along the way in the "mirror worlds" category?


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