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Michael J

Interview with Nikki Forova: "Skylines in the Sunlight" - 1 views

    Nikki Forova is a Pop singer/songwriter that compares to the likes of Vanessa Carlton, Tori Amos, and Michelle Branch.

    In October of 2010, Nikki entered and won the MTV Duets contest out of thousands of entries. After a private visit from a representative of MTV, Nikki was flown out to New York for a rare opportunity engagement to perform the song, "A Thousand Miles" with Vanessa Carlton herself and was aired on the MTV television show, "MTV Duets".

    To listen to my live audio interview and music preview, go to

    If you have a smartphone, download this episode with this link:

    News update:
    On Sunday, March 27 is another Indie LIVE Showcase hosted by yours truely. Come out to The Mezz inside Hotel Alexandria in downtown LA from 7pm to 10pm and see full band performances by:

    Johanna Chase
    Nobody Gets Killed

    Also Acoustic performances from 7 to 8pm with:
    Huck Walton
    and Isaac Sturtevant & Co

    Ages 18+ and NO COVER!

    Watch the official commercial
Michael J

Interview with Audrianna Cole: Interview with Audrianna Cole: "A Tragic Tale Leads to a... - 3 views

    Every week, I boast that this artist is the next big thing. This weeks artist rings as close to the truth as I can possibly get. Not only does her music score high enough to be rated in the top 10 on the music charts, it sounds like it. Introducing Audrianna Cole.
    She has had an incredible journey and her story still continues. Join me in this exclusive audio interview with the lovely and incredible, Audrianna Cole.

    Listen to my exclusive interview with Audrianna Cole and read my review on:

    If you're on your smart phone, click this compatible link and click the download link to listen:
Michael J

All Indie Magazine: Music and LIVE interview with Jennifer Grassman: - 1 views

    Jennifer Grassman is an Alternative Pop singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. Her sound is a unique blend of Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, and Amy Lee with a twist of Goth and Doris Day. Did I just say, Doris Day and Goth in the same sentence? Yes, I did.

    Listen to the full Audio interview at All Indie Magazine:
    The Great Unknowns Presents:

    Coming this January 30th is another Great Unknowns Showcase featuring:
    The Alternates
    Tangent Transmission
    Nobody Gets Killed (CD release party!)

    Location: The Mezz, 501 South Spring Street,
    Los Angeles, CA 90013, (213) 489-1783
    Doors open at 7pm
    Show starts at 8pm

    On Friday, Feb 11th, we have a big announcement regarding The Great Unknowns Presents at the biggest networking event of the year during Grammy's week, so if you are a musician, a music industry professional, or apart of the media, or just a lover of music you are invited to attend:

    It's only $10 if you pre-order and $20 at the door:

Michael J

Interview with Dan Josman of Black Circles: "Breaking the Mold" - 2 views

    Introducing, Black Circles. This alt rock band-trio is reminiscent of famous bands like Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and Queens of the Stone Age, but they give their own unique spin to music.

    Lead singer, Dan Josman of the Black Circles makes a special guest appearance on the show for an exclusive in-depth audio interview to talk about his band and his new CD only on The Great Unknowns Presents.

    Listen to a full audio interview with Dan including a special 4-track music feature from Black Circles debut self-titled EP, including their hit single, "Little Girl". Other songs on this episode include, "Final Straw", "Hey, you" and "S.O.L.".

    Read a pre-launch CD review and a transcript of our interview at:
Michael J

Interview and music with Lea Reis: Bringing back a little soul - 0 views

    Today on episode 79, The Great Unknowns Presents is interviewing one of the most respected and most recognized names in professional music.

    Introducing, Lea Reis. She is not only a music producer and musical engineer, she is also a very talented singer and songwriter. Lea makes a special trip to the studio to talk about her new EP and about some of the famous artists she's worked with. As a special treat, we get a special glimpse of her new album, "In my World". Lea Res is an ol'skool R&B and soul artist that brings back that sound that is familiar to artists like Brandy, TLC, Monica, and somewhat compares to other artists like Keyshia Cole and Ashanti Listen to a 30-minute audio interview with Lea Reis and a special 4-track music feature from Lea Reis's brand new EP entitled "In my World".

    Listen to the full interview with Lea Reis here:

    Read a mini-bio of Lea Reis on Great Unknowns Music Exposé
Michael J

Interview with Darlingside: "Turning Classical into pure East Coast Indie Rock" - 0 views

    If you like the East Coast Independent music scene, these guys will absolutely blow you away. I'm not even kidding. Remove all distractions and put your headphones on or download it to your iPod or mp3 player and enjoy 20 minutes of the best music you've heard in awhile.

    Listen to a full audio interview with Auyon and a special 4-track music feature from Darlingside's brand new release entitled "EP 1".

    Interview with Auyon of Darlingside: "Turning Classical into pure East Coast Alt Rock"

    See other featured artists like this at
Michael J

Introducing Jenna Bryson: "More than Chick Rock and Love Songs" - 1 views

    Female artists from Los Angeles seem to be a dime-a-dozen. Many of them seem to blend together and sound-a-like, but out of the mundane there is, Jenna Bryson. If you enjoy music by Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morisette, you will love Jenna Bryson.

    Listen to a special 4-track music feature from Jenna Bryson's soon-to-be-released self-titled EP at:

    Read my exclusive interview with Jenna Bryson, go to:

    You can check her out LIVE at the first ever GREAT UNKNOWNS PRESENTS INDIE SHOWCASE on September 30 at The Talking Stick in Venice
    For more information, go to:
Michael J

Alt Rock Band, Nobody Gets Killed go to Fans for Help - 1 views

    With the cost of producing a full length CD being so costly, alt rock band from Anahiem, CA "Nobody Gets Killed" is asking fans and people who love indie artists to help "make it happen".

    Nobody Gets Killed are pianist, guitarist, and lead vocalist, Mo Nabulsi alongside bassist and drummer, Michael Overton. This duo from Anahiem, California almost never existed until one day they performed together during a jam session and discovered a shared unique musical chemistry.

    To contribute and get some cool stuff, go to:

    Check out their music at
Michael J

Music's Best Kept Secret: Johanna Chase (In-depth audio interview and music preview) - 0 views

    Listen to a special episode introducing Johanna Chase!

    This is different than any of my typical shows, because this is a music plus in-depth audio interview with one of music's best unknown female artists.

    Listen to a special 30-minute interview and 5-track music preview:

    Read her bio and review of Johanna Chase while you listen to my special in-depth audio interview with Johanna

    Johanna Chase will be performing at The Great Unknowns Presents Indie Showcase in Venice, CA on Sept 30. Watch 6 of the best artists perform live on one stage from 7-10pm

    For details go to:

Michael J

Presenting Platinum Trini Entertainment Showcase - 0 views

    Enjoy a little mix of Pop, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, and Reggae Dancehall, then you'll love this episode. I am not just featuring one artist, but an ENTIRE record label "Platinum Trini Entertainment".

    Enjoy this special 7-track preview right here:

    Read my latest interview. This time with CEO/Founder of a record label, ABM:


    -Get ready for "The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE" coming August 30 from Noon to 1 P.M. PST every Monday only on the world famous

    - Come to the first ever, "The Great Unknowns Presents Indie Artist Showcase" at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA on Sept 30 from 7-10pm. Only $5!!
Michael J

Introducing Indie Pop Contemporary Artist, ShayE and the Dreamers - 0 views

    Inspired by artists like Sarah McLaughlin and Vanessa Carlton, ShayE and the Dreamers is a band worth listening to.

    Listen to a 4-track preview with a special guest appearance on this weeks show:

    Read my featured interview with the wonderfuly talented, Shaye Taylor of ShayE and the Dreamers

    You can see ShayE and the Dreamers perform at the very first "Indie Artist Showcase" presented by The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE on September 30 at The Talking Stick from 7-10 pm

    For more information go to:!/topic.php?uid=92130704392&topic=37279
Michael J

Presenting the alluring Electro Folk Rock sounds of "IN THE CINEMA" - 1 views

    In the Cinema brings an artful sound never heard before. Not to mention, their unique music style is nearly impossible to compare with other artists. This sort of quality is what most artists strive to achieve. Many artists accomplish this task, but they do not produce the kind of quality music that people enjoy over and over. Where other artists have failed, the brother duo, Ryan and Joe Hughes have succeeded by doing what others only dream of. Ryan and Joe have taken the traditional art of folk music, combined it with modern rock and tied it with an electronica sensibility to create, In the Cinema.

    Listen to music from their 2010 debut album, For the Struggle with a special appearance by the band, here at:

    Read an exclusive interview with Ryan and Joe at:
Michael J

Presenting Tangent Transmission: Newest LA band redefines rock music - 0 views

    Tangent Transmission is not the typical Los Angeles rock band. In fact, they give a whole new definition to the meaning of rock. Perhaps it should be called tangent rock, because they do not intersect with any other sound except with their own, taking audiences to new heights by giving them an experience they have ever heard before.

    Listen to an exclusive full length 4-track music preview from their soon-to-be-released debut EP right here:

    Read an exclusive one-on-one interview with lead singer, pianist, and guitarist Sam Sobo:
Michael J

Presenting The Locals: Alternative / Indie Rock band of the Week - 1 views

    The Locals are an alternative rock / indie trio from Chicago, IL. Delivering exceptional sound created by Lead-singer and Guitarist, Yvonne Doll, Bassist, Christy Nunes, and Kirk Snedeker on drums. With captivating retro guitar rhythms, drum melodies with a modern spin and combined with Yvonne's powerful and smokey voice, this compelling combination makes this band certainly unique. Reminiscing with a sound similar to the 90's rock with artists like The Divinyls, Garabage, or even No Doubt, The Locals poses their own quality that is definitely their own.

    Listen to a special 4-track preview with a special guest appearance with Yvonne Doll.

    Read my featured interview with Yvonne Doll
Michael J

Presenting Nobody Gets Killed: Alternative Rock / Pop Artist of the Week - 0 views

    Listen to this weeks featured alternative rock artist of the week. If you like Radiohead or Secondhand Serenade, you'll love, Nobody Gets Killed.

    From the first 30 seconds, you will be hooked and will want to listen to every song front to back. This awesome band from Anahiem, CA is less than a year old, but created beautiful music like they've been doing it for years, check out this 4-track preview:

    Read my exclusive interview with Mo and Michael of the band right here:
Michael J

Presenting The Analog Affair: Electro-Pop Artist of the Week - 0 views

    This weeks featured artist is The Analog Affair. With 40 tracks and four EP's within a span of 2 years, Evan Baker and Cody Moser have produced some of most creative and most beautiful library of ambient styles of music that ties electronica, dark gothic, eletro-pop, contemporary, trance, and indie rock together. Each vocal song is charged with emotional lyrics with some smooth electro instrumentals.

    If you like Death Cab for Cutie or Cloud Cult, then you'll absolutely love this 4-track + plus bonus track preview from their newest EP's entitled Electronic Pop and Be Easy.

    Listen now:

    Also, read my exclusive interview with The Analog Affair. Find out everything about the band, only right here on Great Unknowns Music Expose
Michael J

Presenting Jazz Folk Pop music Artist, Brad Cash - 0 views

    The Great Unknowns Presents will be preview music by Brad Cash, an emerging Pop/Jazz/Folk pop artist. If you enjoy a Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, Jason Mraz, Michael Bublé, and Justin Timberlake type of artist, you will absolutely love this 4-track preview by Brad Cash. Not only will you hear great music from his newest album entitled, The Learning Curve, Brad also makes a special guest appearance on this show.

    Listen at:

    Read my exclusive interview with Brad, right here:

Michael J

Presenting Marina V: You Make Me Feel Beautiful - 0 views

    If you enjoy a Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, and Norah Jones type of artist, you will absolutely love this 4-track preview by Marina V. Not only will you hear great music from her newest album entitled, MY STAR, Marina also makes a special guest appearance on this show.


    Read my featured interview with Marina V herself only at:
Michael J

Waiting for Paris: Interview with Andrew Ryan - 0 views

    Do you like the sounds of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and Harry Connick Jr, you will love the sultry sounds of Andrew Ryan.

    Andrew Ryan's sophomore EP Waiting for Paris is a pleasant change from his debut EP, Summer & Fall. The new album show's a more matured and more developed artist, taking listeners from rock to pop jazz.
    Read the exclusive interview at:
Michael J

Presenting music by Pop Jazz Sensation: Andrew Ryan - 0 views

    Do you like the sounds of Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, and Harry Connick Jr, you will love the sultry sounds of Andrew Ryan. You will have a change to listen to new music from his EP, "Waiting for Paris" and Andrew will make a special appearance on my show.

    To view this episode, follow the link below:

    Read an exclusive interview with Andrew:
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