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Offers You the Best Services of Packing and Moving - 0 views

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Moultrie Creek

PALMM : Publication of Archival Library & Museum Materials - 0 views

    Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials (PALMM) is a cooperative initiative of the public universities of Florida to provide digital access to important source materials for research and scholarship. PALMM projects may involve a single university or may be collaborative efforts between a university and partners within or outside of the state university system. PALMM projects create high-quality virtual collections relevant to the students, research community and general citizenry of Florida.
Moultrie Creek

The history of London [] - 0 views

    Walter Besant was a novelist and historian, and his topographical and historical writings, ranging from prehistoric times to the nineteenth century, were probably best known through the detailed 10-volume Survey of London published after his death. This earlier single volume covers, in less depth, the whole period from prehistory until the 19th century. The book appears originally to have been written for boys, and, indeed, the chapters are called "Lessons". However, it is a very readable history and provides a fascinating insight into both London's past and the government of the City at the time the book was written (1894). (Summary by Ruth Golding) - from review of the audio version. Also available on Google Books.
Michael Hait

Anatomy of the 1870 federal census - 2 views

    This article is part of a continuing series looking at each federal census individually. Please read the others in the archives of this column. The 1870 U. S. Census was the Ninth Decennial Census. This census is probably the single most important census for genealogists conducting research on African-American families
    So appreciate your articles; I will use them to educate myself more thoroughly and may refer others to this knowledge source, as well.
Michael Hait

Civil War pension application files - a rich source of detail - 6 views

    Many Civil War veterans and their widows or other dependents received pensions from the U. S. government for their support. For those researchers whose ancestors received pensions for service, these files are arguably the single richest record group in terms of information contained within them.

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Sweepers Australia Pty. Ltd - Industrial Scrubber - 0 views

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Moultrie Creek

Tracing the Tribe: Washington: updated guide for researchers - 0 views

  • If you are planning on conducting any research in the Washington D.C. area, this is one guide you'll need.The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington has published the newly updated and expanded fourth edition of "Capital Collections: Resources for Jewish Genealogical Research in the Washington, DC Area". Resources, phone numbers, Web sites and security information have been updated. New sites have been added, along with a public transportation section and a DC Metro map. HINT: Do not bring any sort of drink down to the Metro platforms; you risk a fine. On my last trip, a friendly passerby advised me to ditch the iced tea before taking the escalator. At the bottom was an official waiting for unsuspecting travelers. I don't know if this tip, common knowledge for residents, is in the book, but it would help visitors.The 103-page guide includes the following sections and resources: Getting around the DC Metro Area; National Archives and Records Administration; NARA Archives II at College Park, Maryland; The Library of Congress; The US Holocaust Memorial Museum; National Museum of American Jewish Military History; Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library; Family History Centers; National Library of Medicine; House of the Temple Library and Museum; Washington, DC (includes DC city archives & courts); Maryland (inclding special sections on Baltimore and Anapolis); Virginia (including Northern VA and Richmond); Synagogues in the Washington area; Cemeteries in the Washington area and the Synagogues & Burial Societies using them; Cemeteries in the Baltimore area and the Synagogues & Burial Societies using them.This book is a must for individual genealogists and genealogy society libraries. Single copies are $18 + $5 S&H, though Jewish genealogical libraries may purchase them for $12. To order, send checks to the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc., P.O. Box 31122, Bethesda MD 20824, Att: Capital CollectionsLabels: Books, Washington DC
Moultrie Creek

Family Matters: OpenID - Something you need to know - 0 views

    OpenID is the platform to provide us all a single sign-on capability across the Web.  It's time to learn what OpenId can do for you.
Moultrie Creek

Rojo - the best free RSS and Atom feed reader - 0 views

  • The Under Secretary's rebuttal of the IG's report is withering. It takes the IG's report apart, brick by brick, and shows it to be false in every material respect. Much of the Under Secretary's response is devoted to bureaucratic matters; e.g., the Inspector General was simply wrong in asserting that the work in question was carried out by the Under Secretary for Policy's office. On the merits, the Under Secretary points out that the IG has no expertise to determine that the effort to re-evaluate the intelligence gathered by the CIA and other agencies was "improper," even though it was both legal and directed by the Secretary of Defense: The work found "inappropriate" was an exercise in alternative thinking that the second most senior civilian in this Department directed his subordinates to prepare and brief to the most senior official of this Department. The latter, after receiving the draft briefing, directed that it be shared with the [Director of Central Intelligence]. When the Deputy National Security Advisor requested the briefing, the Deputy Secretary's office directed that it be given to him. These are the activities that the Draft Report characterizes as "inappropriate," because it considers them to be "production" and "dissemination" of an "alternative intelligence assessment" contradicting assessments of the "chartered-intelligence community." If the OIG actually believes that it was inappropriate for the Deputy Secretary of Defense to have some non-[intelligence community] staff members do a critical assessment of some [intelligence community] work on a subject of major significance for national security, inappropriate for the Secretary of Defense to share the OSD work with the [Director of Central Intelligence], and inappropriate for the Deputy Secretary to share the work with the Deputy National Security Advisor when requested by the latter, the OIG should say so directly instead of finding fault with subordinate OSD offices and staff members who did as they were instructed to do.
  • For some time, there have been claims of Iran's direct involvement in attacks against Iraqi and U.S. troops, but without the presentation of sufficient actual evidence to persuade Congress or the American public at large. Congress - Members of both parties and key staff - have been very reluctant to trust any such claims ever since the Iraqi WMD intelligence debacle. That might change after today, when U.S. officials on the ground in Iraq - not just at the CIA or the Pentagon in Washington - revealed reliable evidence of Iran's direct involvement, from the highest levels in the government, in the attacks.
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  • Yesterday, the Associated Press reported:CHATTOOGAVILLE, Ga. -- Poetry Tulip has vanished. So have Due West and Po Biddy Crossroads. Cloudland and Roosterville are gone, too. A total of 488 communities have been erased from the latest version of Georgia's official map, victims of too few people and too many letters of type.Georgia's Department of Transportation, which drew the new map, said the goal was to make it less cluttered and that many of the dropped communities had fewer than 2,500 residents. Some are unincorporated and so small they are not even recognized by the Census Bureau.The state began handing out the new map at rest stops and welcome centers over the summer. Gone are such places as Dewy Rose, Hemp, Experiment, Retreat, Wooster, Sharp Top and Chattoogaville, a spot in far northwestern Georgia with little more than a two-truck volunteer fire department, a few farmhouses and a country store where locals fill up their gas tanks."We're not under obligation to show every single community," department spokeswoman Karlene Barron said. "While we want to, there's a balancing act. And the map was getting illegible."
Moultrie Creek

National Yearbook Project - 0 views

    From RootsWeb:

    RootsWeb is host to the National Yearbook Project:

    National coordinator Judy White has organized the project by location.
    Most submissions are from America, but foreign contributions are
    welcome; Judy is especially trying to build items from Canada and the
    British Isles.

    Contributions can be individual photographs, indexes, and
    transcriptions. A single page or an entire book can be submitted, as
    well as links to external sites. Graduation and commencement programs
    are also welcome items.

    One of the highlights of the project is the classified ads. There are
    people looking for yearbooks and others selling. Maybe you'll get
    lucky and find a match.

    U.S. SCHOOL YEARBOOK DATABASE has digitized yearbooks into the U.S. School Yearbook
    database. If you don't have a subscription, try your local library for
    access. To date, there are more than 1 million names indexed. The
    collection includes books from middle school, junior high, and high
    school. encourages submissions, so if you are inclined, send a CD
    with images scanned at no less than 300 dpi. It should include the
    front and back covers, as well as all interior images. If you are
    unable to send a CD, contact them for other arrangements.

    MyFamily Yearbook Submissions
    4800 North 360 West
    Provo, UT 84604

Simons Fishar

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