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Thurman Anderson

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Northridge plumber plumbing earthquake survival plan disaster preparation Kit

started by Thurman Anderson on 10 May 12
  • Thurman Anderson
    It might be wise to have one phone that works on its own power.

    School/Work/Home: Part of your plan should be about where you will meet and who will be in charge of getting the kids or other dependent members of your household. Schools will not send the kids home after a quake. Not only will one of you have to pick up your kids, you'll have to be pre-approved. The school will ask you for a list of people who will be authorized to take the kids out of school. Even if you're the parent, if your name isn't on that list, the kids won't be coming home with you.

    Sit down with your family and make up the best plan for your needs. Keep these tips in mind, but do some research of your own, as well. Once the disaster happens, it will be too late.

    Almost every household faces the problem of intermittent hot water supply. But those days are gone when you found it hard to look for a solution. Water heaters in Thousand Oaks, CA are the most reliable way to ensure that you do not have to wait for hot water supply.

    Usually the services regarding household heaters involve the following:

    All we needed were the flex hoses, which sheared off during the shaking. That water heater has potable water in it, and could come in very handy.

    Lesson Six: Have a battery powered radio or television (or a generator to run the real ones). This will tell you what you need to know and whether or not you need to evacuate. It will also tell you what's going on around you.

    Lesson Seven: Stuff to do. Both you and your children are going to need distractions. Staying in crisis mode for a long amount of time is not good for anyone.

    Lesson Eight: First Aid. In fact, if it's a quake the size of Kobe or Honshu, you may be on your own medically for days to weeks. The more you know and gather necessary supplies, the better of you'll be. While you're at it, make sure your medications are also in the kit. I also keep a variety of herbal remedies, just in case. They can help calm nerves, disinfect wounds and prevent infections, among other things.

    Lesson Nine: You know to store food and water, but how much and what type? A gallon a day per person is the minimum and more for pets. It's best to have a two week supply on hand. For food, canned goods beat dried goods, due to the water content. However, you'd best make sure a manual can opener is available or they'll do little good. Also, make sure it's stuff you'll actually eat. An emergency of this order is no time to eat nasty food.

    Lesson Ten: Contacts. First, make sure you have a phone that does not depend on electricity to work. They will be useless. Second, you will probably not be able to call across town, but you may be able to call out of state. Have an out of state contact with a list of who needs to be told how you are doing. Northridge plumbing, plumbing Northridge

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