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Sunny Jackson

Comprehensive NPC Housing Guide | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • House Requirements:
  • no open sections in the walls
  • no gaps exceeding a square of 4x4 tiles
  • ...38 more annotations...
  • solid background wall
  • entrance
  • door or a wooden platform on the floor and/or ceiling that will allow access to the room
  • comfort item
  • Merchant: Must have 50 silver on your person
  • Lighting
  • no tiles may be left in darkness.
  • one "comfort item"
  • one "flat item"
  • Guide: Spawns at map creation
  • furniture
  • Nurse: Must have found and used at least one crystal heart
  • Demolitionist: Must have a bomb or dynamite in your inventory
  • Dryad: Must have killed a boss
  • Arms Dealer: Must have a firearm in your inventory
  • Clothier: Must have defeated Skeletron
  • Second Merchant: Three players have a combined total of 50g
  • Third Merchant: Five players have a combined total of five platinum
  • Second Nurse: Three or more players with a combined health of 400
  • 32 tiles worth of open space in their home
  • 7x5 and 8x4 are the smallest open spaces that the npcs will accept
  • a minimum of six blocks of width and four blocks of height
  • A 6x4 home is still unacceptable however, as it does not meet the minimum requirement for open space inside the home.
  • 5X269 is the largest room that accepts a bed
  • if you take out the background wall in that cave and replace it with identical dirt, it is now valid. The same goes for the dungeon!
  • you cannot use naturally generated caves as your NPC homes
  • you can put windows and other holes in the background wall of your NPCs' homes
  • no hole can be more than four tiles tall or wide
  • added wooden platforms to make a windowsill
  • platform counts as a tile that will fill the gap
  • different types of backwall always leave a 1-tile gap between the two types
  • you do not have to put an actual door on a room that has platform access
  • apparently the demolitionist thinks that this is a perfectly acceptable home
  • NPCs will not, in fact, move into a room with an entirely platform floor
  • a single block of solid flooring is enough
  • the block must be within two blocks of the furniture
  • Wooden platforms in the floor or ceiling of a room count as a door.
  • Doors and platforms do not have to be what we would term useful however - as long as they are contained within the room or its walls the NPCs are happy.
Sunny Jackson

Home Sweet Country Manor - 1.0.6 | Terraria Online - 0 views

    Download the save file for this world.
Sunny Jackson

Xots Guide To Hidden Homes* | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • Shoot a mini-shark (Or other weapon that bounces back) up into the sky. When you see one bounce back, go up.
  • tower up twords the sky
  • Look for a place with no houses around
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • stay within the first 1/3 of the map
  • build your house, but be sure to add a bed
  • remove the towering up to there
  • you should not be able to see it while jumping with rocket boots
  • find a desert
  • make a huge hole and make sure its deep
  • put any floor at the bottom after making it flat
  • put walls around your house and add backwalls
  • add your stuff
  • ile up sand ontop of your house
  • build it so there is a cave and a desert
  • Build at the ocean at the end and devise some ingenious airlock
Sunny Jackson

Guides | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • Guide To Hidden Homes
  • Comprehensive NPC Housing Guide
  • "Guides to: Spriting"
Sunny Jackson

Guide Links for Noobs | Terraria Online - 0 views

Sunny Jackson

[How To] Install a Custom Map | Terraria Online - 0 views

  • C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds
  • Make sure the world you have downloaded does not have the same World number as one of your worlds
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