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Legend of the Green Dragon - 0 views

  • The towns people are busy creating a statue for Arowynd, the latest dragonkiller!

It is a new day! - 0 views


Ravenclaw Common Room - 0 views

  • May forge gems with merits or soulpoints in the chambers of the Order or the Death Eaters
  • Working on custom furniture in the Woodshop in Godric's Hallow also gives you gems. You need to get your own materials to make custom items though.

Room of Requirement - 0 views

  • The ability to choose a custom in-game title is upon reaching 500 points initially. The first title costs 500 points and 500 points for every change thereafter.

Land of the Shades - 0 views


Quality Quidditch - 0 views

  • Bertold offers you 66667 Galleons and 333 gems for your Common Welsh Green.

GameFAQs: Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS) Metal Slime Guide by Twilight_Shine - 0 views

  • the Falcon Knife Earrings, which you can buy in the town of Rosehill for 7500 gold. This item only gives an additional +5 to your ATK, but these enable you to do a two-hit physical strike.
  • the Falcon Blade does the same as the Falcon Knife Earrings, just not with such a lowered ATK stat (it has a +67 ATK)
  • A very good weapon you can acquire to help with hunting Metal Slimes is the Liquid Metal Sword, which is found in the Cascade Cave. I won't say how to get in that cave, as I'm sure other walkthroughs will tell how. Anyhow, this blade is not only one of the most powerful in the game (+130 ATK!), but it will also deal out a solid 2 points of damage against Metal Slimes. It's an effective weapon through and through, so when you're able to get it, get it ASAP.
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  • if you equip accessories such as the Mercury's Bandana and Meteorite Bracer, you'll have a better chance to strike before the Metal Slimes can flee.
  • the chance for criticals is determined by a character's Luck statistic. The higher the Luck, the better and more frequent chance of landing a critical.
  • Bunny Tail (+8 Luck)
  • Lucidia Shard (+5 Luck)
  • Elevating Shoes (+50 Luck)
  • Gospel Ring also raises Luck by 50, but it also prevents monster battles, so it's not all too useful unless you combine it with Torneko's Whistle.
  • One other weapon which is great for metal hunting is the Poison Needle. While only Borya and Maya can equip it, it ALWAYS hits. So it's either a guaranteed 1 point of damage (which helps tremendously) or an instant kill (which is even better).
  • In the original NES version of Dragon Quest IV, the preferred method for destroying Metal Babbles was using the spell BeDragon, which is called Puff! in the DS version. This is especially good since it is possible to destroy an entire group of Liquid Metal Slimes in one round. Only Maya learns this spell, and it will help to have her equipped with a Meteorite Bracer.
  • Metal Slime: Max HP: 4 Max MP: 12 ATK: 20 Defense: 1023 (that's not a typo) Speed: 50 EXP: 1350 Gold: 5 Item Drop: Gold Tiara Attacks: Physical Attack, Flee, Frizz
  • Pharos Beacon
  • Liquid Metal Slime: Max HP: 5 Max MP: Infinite ATK: 65 Defense: 1023 Speed: 150 EXP: 10,050 Gold: 10 Item Drop: Happy Hat Attacks; Physical Attack, Flee, Frizz, Sizz
  • Royal Crypt
  • Stairway to Zenithia
  • Nadira Watchtower
  • Metal King Slime: Max HP: 7 Max MP: Infinite ATK: 140 Defense: 1023 Speed: 165 EXP: 30,010 Gold: 20 Item Drop: Liquid Metal Helm Attacks: Physical Attack, Flee, Sizzle
  • Stairway to Zenithia
  • Nadira Watchtower
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