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Ilya Kurylev

Acclaim to make $30m in revenue from free to play games this year - 1 views

  • Howard Marks spoke at Paris GDC today, and Worlds in Motion has a writeup, including quotes from Marks about key stats for Acclaim’s free to play games:
  • For example, profitability is often measured through average revenue per user (ARPU). “Most of the time ARPU is $30-$40 a month,” said Marks. “A month! Not just one time.”
  • “The next thing is percentage of uniques,” he continued, defining “uniques” as players who spend money on a given game. “We’ve found in Asia, in Korea, we’ve found that 10% of people will spend money! I think it’s great! In the United States it’s less, more like 5-10%. But we’re getting there.”
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  • The average lifetime for a player in the free-to-play space is 3-4 months per game, less than what is generally expected for a more traditional subscription MMO.
  • That statistic leads to churn rate, which describes player loss per month. “It turns out you lose a lot,” admitted Marks. “You should be prepared to say, ‘I only brought in 100,000 players this month, but only 10,000 stayed.’ That’s okay! That’s okay. Some of them will come back, and you can always get more.”
  • He also says (according to Worlds In Motion) that Acclaim will make $30m in revenues this year and break even on their core games business, but is investing heavily in R&D. Those are great numbers, and certainly place Acclaim to the front of the pack for free to play publishers in the West.
    Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

The Impact of Virtual Reality on PC and Android Gaming - - 0 views

    The Impact of Virtual Reality on PC and Android Gaming" explores how virtual reality (VR) technology is transforming the gaming experience on both PC and Android platforms. It delves into how VR adds immersive, interactive dimensions to games, changing the way players engage with virtual environments. The article also discusses the challenges and opportunities VR presents for game development and player experience in these popular gaming systems.

How the Internet of Things Impacts Game Development - 0 views

    IoT in gaming industry is becoming increasingly popular. IoT enables developers and players to create, maintain, and share virtual worlds that have never been seen before.

The Role of Art and Design in Creating Engaging HTML5 Games - TrendyNews4U- The Pulse o... - 0 views

    Explore the transformative role of art and design in crafting HTML5 games that captivate and engage players. Dive into the creative processes that breathe life into gaming worlds, making each player's experience immersive and memorable. Discover the potent combination of technology and creativity in game development.

Game Art Outsourcing Services | Game Art Studio | Juego Studio - 0 views

    "We are a top-notch game art studio specializing in both 2D and 3D animation, as well as concept art design. Our talented team creates stunning visuals and animations for various platforms, including console games, web-based games, and mobile games. We excel in bringing game characters and environments to life with our expert 3D modeling skills. Whether you need captivating character designs, dynamic animations, or immersive game worlds, we can help turn your vision into reality. Our services cater to all stages of game development, ensuring your game not only looks great but also provides an engaging experience for players. Let us help you make your game stand out with our high-quality art and animation services.

The Importance of Storytelling in Games - TechTablePro - 0 views

    Explore the vital role of storytelling in video games, examining how narratives enhance player engagement, enrich gameplay, and create memorable gaming experiences.
chloe robins

Latest Gambling News - 1 views

Online Casinos News and Latest Gambling Headlines. Click this link :

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chloe robins Biggest Progressive Jackpots - 1 views

Howdy to all my group-mates here at diigo. The Major Millions Progressives is available at Read more , about here!

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Online Games - Types Of Popular Games - 1 views

Action and adventure Games: The games which come in this genre are the ones, which involve fighting games, space adventure games, situational games where the player is required to achieve some obje...

online gaming

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Different Types of Gamers & The Bartle's Player Taxonomy - 0 views

    Discover the diverse world of gamers with Bartle's Taxonomy! Uncover the different types of gamers that exist and delve into their unique characteristics. Join us on a journey to learn more about these gaming personas today!

Design Engaging Game Art for Mobile Gaming Excellence - 0 views

    Discover the secrets to creating captivating game art for mobile platforms in our comprehensive blog. We delve into the key elements of mobile game design, from understanding the unique constraints and opportunities of smaller screens to leveraging the latest tools and techniques for maximal visual impact. Learn how to craft characters, environments, and UI elements that not only look stunning but also enhance the player experience, driving mobile gaming excellence. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, our expert insights and practical tips will help you elevate your mobile game art to new heights.

Ways to Build the Mobile Gaming Metaverse - businesstraverse - 0 views

    Explore essential strategies to craft a mesmerizing mobile gaming metaverse. Discover how innovation, connectivity, and immersive experiences can come together on mobile platforms, unlocking a universe of endless gaming possibilities and adventures.
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