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Jarne Richard

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started by Jarne Richard on 06 Nov 12
  • Jarne Richard
    There is an ongoing debate about December Twenty one, 2012 when the world will end, begin again, all the people in Earth will die, when we will be raised upwards, when we will walk in the light, while turbulence, tremors and earthquakes will destroy great land masses, when we is going to be victims of extreme solar flares, when the N . and South poles will reverse, when excellent and evil may balance, unbalance and great will triumph and good will be beaten, where we will have to stockpile food, water and guns against famine, when extra-terrestrials will finally occur, when we'll be hit by a rogue, undiscovered asteroid - well, you get the idea, right?

    Much of this disaster/bliss speculation involves the 2012 Prophecies as well as the Mayan calender. But what exactly is your mayan calendar and how does it bring about Armageddon or heavenly bliss? Mayans were great astrologers, specialised mathematicians and scholars whose record keeping is renowned. One of these calendars, the Lengthy Count calendar makes reference towards the year 2012. While it doesn't actually point to a specific day, it does appear to represent that within 2012 there will be an end for you to time and that a brand new period will begin.
    The second calendar - your Tzolkin points to a 260 day occasion period that utilizes 20 days that will rotate in connection with 13 tgons that create the basis of the calendar. Ahua also known as Ajaw is a special day simply because during this period the Baktun will begin. Baktun periods run for 5,124 years, and they are shown on the Prolonged Count calendar. The Baktuns are called the 5th placemark on the LC calendar, and in 2012 there is movement from 12 to be able to 13.
    2012 Calendar = Doomsday
    2012 Apocalypse - It has been prophecized in the Bible its keep are turmoil as well as disasters in the E-book of Revelations to Nostradamus and the Maya's reference to your date 2012. A prophecy can be a vision of a long term event that will almost certainly happen.
    It is also a thing that will probably be within the opportunity of humanity's ability to affect the outcome. With the Maya, while the calendar comes to an end in 2012, it does not make any statements of the world's stop. It simply tells the end of one period and the beginning of another. The rest is available to interpretation.
    Now that you find out about the Mayan calendar, 2012 and what the particular prophecy states and doesn't, what is your opinion will happen in 2012? Could be the planet x or are we headed into a new world regarding enlightenment and love?
    Understanding is power. Find out what December 21, 2012 really indicates and what you can do when the flash end around the globe happen. Most people believe something might happen despite the fact that theories abound.

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    Mayan Calendar 2012 - Armageddon?
    Mayan Calendar 2012 - Armageddon?

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