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Paul Merrell

The Social Media Exodus Has Begun. Here's Where Everybody's Going. : The Corbett Report - 2 views

  • 10 years ago, everybody was on MySpace. 10 years from now, the Twitters and Facebooks and YouTubes of today will be dinosaurs, abandoned by users sick of censorship and centralized control. Thankfully, the alternatives to these social media dinosaurs are already here, and they’re blockchain-based, torrent friendly, decentralized and censorship resistant.
  • SHOW NOTES Leaked Twitter API data shows the number of tweets is in serious decline Yep, science confirms that quitting Facebook makes people happier Facebook ‘made China censorship tool’ Facebook is censoring posts in Thailand that the government has deemed unsuitable The Corbett Report on Steemit The Corbett Report on The Corbett Report on BitChute Ray Vahey on Twitter
    Secure alternatives to current social media giants.
Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Who's Afraid of P2P? : The Corbett Report - 1 views

    " Who's Afraid of P2P? Corbett * 12/10/2015 * 10 Comments Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Wired has allegedly found elusive Bitcoin creator "Satoshi Nakamoto" in Australia…and less than 24 hours later he's being raided by the Australian Federal Police. Sadly, given the attempts by the MSM and governments around the world to link the P2P economy to terror, mayhem and criminality, this is hardly surprising."
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