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Contents contributed and discussions participated by David Corking

Paul Merrell

Should this group be changed to invite-only? - 8 views

spam off-topic
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  • David Corking
    I suggest that you do what makes best use of your time. Deleting spam is a thankless task if you have a better solution.
David Corking

A Manifesto for Slow Communication - John Freeman - - 0 views

  • How many of our most joyful memories have been created in front of a screen?
  • Communicating at great haste hones our utterances down to instincts and impulses that until now have been held back or channeled more carefully.
    • David Corking
      But most of us can speak faster than we can type or text, and no-one complained that conversation makes our brains work too fast.
  • Our cafes, post offices, parks, cinemas, town centers, main streets and commu­nity meeting halls have suffered as a result of this development.
    • David Corking
      Really? How many people met strangers in such places?
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  • The difference between typing an email and writing a letter or memo out by hand is akin to walking on concrete versus stroll­ing on grass.
  • A butcher can tell you which cuts of meat are the freshest; an online grocer may not. That same butcher, if he is good, might not just remember your preferences—which an online retailer can do frighteningly well—but ask you how your mother has been doing, whether you caught the latest football game. These interactions remind us that we are more than con­sumers; they remind us that we are part of the world in a way no amount of online shopping ever will.
    • David Corking
      This is right on the money - a visit to a local farm shop is a wonderful experience.
  • If we spend our eve­ning online trading short messages over Facebook with friends thousands of miles away rather than going to our local pub or park with a friend, we are effectively withdrawing from the peo­ple we could turn to for solace, humor and friendship, not to mention the places we could go to do this. We trade the com­plicated reality of friendship for its vacuum-packed idea.
    • David Corking
      It might be just the way this essay was abridged for the paper, but I cannot see whether the author wants us to spend all evening writing a longhand letter to a distant friend, or ignore them altogether to spend time with a local friend.
    While I disagree with a lot of this essay, I recommend it as food for thought.
David Corking

UK National Portrait Gallery threatens Wikipedia over scans of its public domain art - ... - 0 views

  • If you take public money to buy art, you should make that art available to the public using the best, most efficient means possible. If you believe the public wants to subsidize the creation of commercial art-books, then get out of the art-gallery business, start a publisher and hit the government up for some free tax-money.
    • David Corking
      Hear, hear.
    This is how I would like my taxes used.
    Analysis from the "open source" novelist
David Corking

Work on Stuff that Matters: First Principles - O'Reilly Radar - 0 views

  • For example, a bank that loans money to a small business sees that business grow, perhaps borrow more money, hire employees who make deposits and take out loans, and so on. The power of this cycle to lift people out of poverty has been demonstrated by microfinance institutions like the Grameen Bank.
    • David Corking
      It is hard to choose a sentence to highlight from this inspirational yet non-ideological article. Thanks, Tim!
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