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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Home | SiteCheckr | Firefox Validator Addon - 1 views

    "Home SiteCheckr is a Firefox-Addon, which analyzes websites with your custom ruleset. When to use SiteCheckr You can use SiteCheckr when other validators do not fulfill your needs. Strict or lax checking - it's in your hands: create your own rules as XPath or CSS-selector. Enforce strict codestyle: Use SiteCheckr when the official W3C validator isn't strict enough - e.g. when you want to enforce a special coding style. Grant exceptions: Use SiteCheckr when you have to allow code, that does not conform to standards - e.g. you have to embed some code snippets provided by third party."
Paul Merrell

[ANN] Markup Validator 0.8.4 released from Olivier Thereaux on 2008-11-20 (www-validato... - 0 views

  • I am thrilled to announce today the release of a new version of the W3C Markup Validation Service, also known as "HTML Validator". Use it online .... or download it: it is Free and Open Source The new version, 0.8.4 may sound like a very minor step from the version 0.8.3 released in August, but this new release of the W3C Markup Validator brings some very important change: in addition to checking documents against etablished standards such as HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0, the validator can now check documents for conformance to HTML5, thanks to the integration with the html5 engine.
  • HTML5 is still work in progress and support for this next generation of the publishing language of the World Wide Web will remain experimental. The integration of the html5 engine in the validator should provide experimentation grounds for those interested in trying on authoring in this new version of HTML, as well as a feedback channel for the group working on building a stable, open standard.
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