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Paul Merrell

Tectonic » Southern nations frown on ISO - 0 views

  • State IT organisation representatives from Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Paraguay have signed a declaration expressing their dissatisfaction with the International Standards Organisation (ISO). The countries signed the declaration at the CONSEGI conference in Brazil over the weekend in response to news that the ISO/IEC had rejected the appeals from South Africa, Brazil and Venezuela and India to the ISO process to adopt Microsoft’s OOXML format as an international standard.
Paul Merrell

Publicly Available Standards - 0 views

    • Paul Merrell
      This is the download page for ISO/IEC information technology standards available at no charge. The same standards are available on other ISO, IEC, and other standards organizations' web pages for a fee. If you need an ISO/IEC information technology standard, check here before you pay money for what's also given away for free. Notice that standards are arranged on the page in numerical order.
    Most ISO and IEC standards are only available for purchase. However, a few are publicly available at no charge. ISO/IEC:26300-2006 is one of the latter and can be downloaded from this page in XHTML format. Note that the standards listed on the page are arranged numerically and the OpenDocument standard is very near the bottom of the page. This version of ODF is the only version that has the legal status of an international standard, making it eligible as a government procurement specification throughout all Member nations of the Agreement on Government Procurement.
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