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Gary Edwards

Why Mozilla is committed to Gecko as WebKit popularity grows: Page 1 - 0 views

  • One of the primary reasons for the enormous complexity of the Gecko code base is that it aims to provide much more than just an HTML renderer. Mozilla's early goals were extremely ambitious—the original Mozilla application suite included a browser, a complete mail and newsgroup program, a web design tool, and an IRC client. In addition to rendering HTML, Gecko also provides a versatile XML-based user interface rendering framework called XUL that was used extensively in those applications. XUL is still used today to create the Firefox user interface, and it facilitates that browser's support for extensions, which are regarded by many enthusiasts as one of the most valuable features offered by Firefox.
  • XPCOM, a powerful component system
  • Gecko 1.9 uses the cross-platform Cairo rendering framework.
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  • reflow algorithm
  • Firefox 4 and replaces XPCOM reference counting with real garbage collection
  • support for some CSS 3 features that are implemented in WebKit.
  • TraceMonkey engine landed in recent nightly builds and will likely be included in 3.1; it massively boosts JavaScript performance
    The consensus of the developers who are using WebKit is clear: it's an outstanding rendering engine that lends itself to an extremely diverse assortment of practical uses. It is everywhere, and it is gaining traction at a very impressive rate. That traction is causing some developers to question whether Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine is still relevant.
    Historical walkthrough comparing two great rendering engines (layout); Mozilla Gecko and WebKit.
Gary Edwards

New mobile browsers bringing real Web to handhelds - Network World - 0 views

  • All of them have in common powerful, modern rendering engines, which make it possible for the browsers to display Web sites that look like those you see with a desktop browser. Safari and the Nokia browser use the same rendering engine: the open source WebKit. All Firefox projects use the same rendering engine, Gecko. Opera has over a decade invested in its core engine.
    Mobil Web Browsers are changing the Web for everyone - including the desktop browser market!
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